Month 6: Places to go, things to do, Activities To Play and toys to use

Where did time go? you little one is becoming a bit more independent. It seems like it was yesterday they were starting to lift their head. At 6 months, your baby is making a lot of changes, you probably already started solids and sleep patterns have changed. Less nap time, which means more play time.

If you are looking for ways to entertain your 6-month-old baby, here is the ultimate guide to help you enjoy this awesome month.

Because this is a comprehensive post, here are a few quick links to access the information with ease.

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I didn't know how to play with a 6  month old  but then I tried these simple games and before I know it I was laughing and having some fun while I bonded with my baby. Minimum or no supplies needed!

It is important to understand the developmental milestones your baby is going through in order to find age-appropriate activities to play during this time and aid your baby’s development.

6 month old baby milestones

Play is especially important as daytime sleep decreases and your baby will sleep for only four hours in the day. Less sleep during the day means more time to play.

Here are a few developmental milestones. For a comprehensive list of milestones for this month check out the month by month milestones on our popular post The Best Guide To Baby Milestones

  1. Your baby develops curiosity towards objects and holds them in his hand to manipulate and interpret them better. 
  2. Your baby will smile at his reflection.
  3. Your baby will develop the ability to not just look at the source of the sound, but also respond to it.
  4. At 6 months, she can now move her head from side to side and see objects. She will push her head forward when pulled into a sitting position or raised to be lifted.
  5. Your baby will start sitting without support
  6. Your baby will bounce on his legs when held vertically with support.
  7. If your baby sits up unsupported and has signs of being ready to start solids, they can eat pureed food or start with Baby Lead Weaning as the digestive system is better developed than earlier.

How to play with a 6 month old

Playing at 6 months is all about the exploration of the senses. This is a great time to introduce a mirror to playtime, peek-a-boo and lots of sensory games. Follow along for some play ideas.

6 month old baby activities for development

Read a book together encourages language development

Grab a book and sit your baby on your lap. Call by name whatever your baby looks at. If it’s a book with animals, mimic the sounds the animals make. Babies love hearing animal sounds, especially bark, moo, and quack. If you are reading a board book – which usually has thicker pages, let your baby turn the pages when he is ready to see the next picture.

Whispering Game

A baby can understand what blowing is, so listening to words being whispered and tickling his ear is very funny and interesting to them.

For Manny, at this age whispering was his favorite game.

Balancing Games

Grab your baby on your lap and sing a few songs as you move around. You can gallop bouncing him up and down as you sing “giddy, giddy giddy-up” or you can hold his hands and swing him left and right, forwards and backward so he has to find his own balance and together you can have a fun time.

You can hold him under the arms and swing him side by side as you say tick-tock tick-tock (by the way, this game along with other 60+ games are in the Fun Under 1 ebook)

Indoor Play ideas for 6 months old

You might start seeing some babies playing with taking toys out of a box and putting them back in again. Over and Over again. This is because your baby is also understanding cause an effect. For example, he can flip a switch that causes music to play or a television light to come on. Remote controls, stereo equipment, light switches, and toy pianos are very attracted to your baby now.

Your baby’s curiosity continues to develop. Grab a container and fill it out with interesting things such as empty toilet paper rolls, containers with lids, empty egg cartons, a cupcake tin, a wooden spoon, and a silver spoon. Your baby will love to explore with the different sounds, textures and trying to put the lid onto each container.

I used to do this game when I needed to cook. I had a basket in the kitchen ready for him to play with and I would give that to him to play independently and get my hands free and cook dinner for the family.

hide a musical toy ynder a blanket

  1. refer to the Fun Under 1 Activty – Your baby will roll in two directions from tummy to back and back to tummy 

Peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek Games

Peek-a-boo is the ideal game to play with a 6 month old

Maybe you have been trying to play this game for a while, but now is the time where they will interact with this game and maybe even try to hide.

Put a cloth over your head and see if your baby will pull it away to find you.

Ask “Where is Mommy?” Your baby will know you are still there because he can hear you.

If he doesn’t make any attempts to pull away from the cloth, take his hand and pull it away together. Say “peek-a-boo” when you reappear.

Variation ideas:

  • You can hide under a table and reappear, you can cover yourself with a magazine and appear again, you can even use your hands to cover your eyes.
  • Want to make it extra fun? if your baby is crawling, you can try hiding behind a curtain and call your baby’s name (of course, make sure she is close by) and see if she comes crawling to find you.
  • Try hiding your baby under the blanket, they will love to discover that they can hide themselves too
  • Try hiding a toy under a blanket (the more the toy your baby likes the more she will be attracted to find it)
  • Try it at bath time. Add some foam to the tub next time and try hiding the toy under the foam. Encourage your baby to find it by splashing and moving the foam out of the way.

Sensory activities for 6 month old

At this age, babies are still mouthing everything so I suggest sensory activities that are either edible safe or are carefully prepared so they don’t eat what they are. not supposed to.

Paint with Yogurt – Learn how we make easy edible paint

Create a Sensory Bottle

Play with cause and effect toys such as this we did out of a Cereal Puff box

Play with an edible safe sensory bin with colored pasta

Outdoor Activities to do with a 6 month old

There are any outdoor activities you can do that your baby will enjoy. You can go to the park and play in the grass. If your baby likes to horse around you can stand him on his head – of course – support his body completely when doing this.

You can ride a bike and put him on the carrier, or on a jogging stroller. Point out what you see.

Feel the grass – take out your baby’s shoes and socks and lay in the grass. Allow your baby to crawl in the grass and feel the different textures.

Play in the sand – Either at the playground, at the beach or at home allows your baby to play with the sand. You can add some water to the sand to create a different texture and allow your baby to learn through exploration and her senses.

Places to go with a 6 month old

Go swimming! babies continue to love water and the pool is the perfect place to have fun.

Take a field trip to a petting farm! your baby will love to see in real life the animals from his/her books. Your baby will love watching them move, eating and probably feeding them too.

Go to a Museum – Especially children’s museum is a great place to go. It’s not about them during the activities but the exposure to “people watch” and explore through the senses. Most children museums have bright colors that are especially attracted to young babies, they might have areas for crawling opportunities.

Toys for 6 month old babies

Here are the toys I recommend for this age group that will entertain your baby and will help develop your baby at this time. You probably already have. Read along and I’ll explain to you why.

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An  over the door bouncer, or you will be tired of becoming her personal trampoline as they are starting to use this new skill – see milestone #6)

Toys with safe mirrors as your baby will love to play and smile at his reflection (see milestone #2)

A piano or lighting game with music (see milestone #3)

Bath toys and a bucket to put them in and dump

Other things that can be used as source of entertainment:

Photo books, picture books, his own shelf they can put things in and out, buckets to fill out and empty out, squeaky toys, toy drums, toy telephone.

I hope this gives you some ideas on about how to play with a 6 month old and understand a little what he is interested in. Now, for the fun part test these toys out and Go Play!

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