6 Ideas To Create A Reading Nook At Home and foster a love for reading

Reading can be fun for both kids and parents. Setting the right space to avoid distractions and allow the magic of books to come to life is a must!

To inspire you to read more by yourself or with your kids here are some beautifully designed reading spaces and nook ideas you can implement at home.

Let these beautiful reading nooks inspire you to find a place in your home that would become a doorway to the magic of books.

Want to create a nook at home? I tell you how to achieve that Pinterest worthy reading nook look with 6 ideas you can use to create your own.

Reading nook by a window

When you use a window as the frame for your reading nook you don’t have to worry about the lighting. You get the best light! Natural light is the best light.

You can choose your color pallet by using different pillows. You can choose colorful pillows like the below photo or calming blues like the above.

This colorful reading nook was created under a window and sandwiched between two built-in bookshelves. It is the perfect spot for both kids and parents.

The base is made out of a blue and white patterned blanket and some colorful hand-crafted pillows. Above some original work form Kristin Nicholas. These fun pictures tie the whole space together and it makes you want to cuddle with your kids in there and read all weekend long.

If colorful is not your style then grab different textures and pillow shapes and sizes and create a cozy space.

Reading In Small Spaces

Reading nooks can be created in different places and can be of different sizes. Create a reading nook like this one inside the dead space most houses have under the stairs. It’s a cozy and small area to cuddle in with a book.

Now, I want to know what that tiny door next it is for… is that the dog’s room? a secret passage? or a place to gather more books?

All you need is to open up the dead space and build a small bookshelf topped with a reading mattress, five pillows, and a small hanging lamp. Find unexpected places around the house to create a cozy space like these.

Honestly, houses should just come with reading nooks under the stairs.

Don’t have stairs at home? no problem! I’m sure you do have a closet in the hall that can be repurposed. Create a custom bench, add some colorful pillows, a fluffy rug, some stuffed animals and books and your kids will have their own hiding place to dive into a good story.

Cozy Reading Corner

Not all reading nooks require major house renovations or redecorations.

Grab a bookcase pull up a chair and you got yourself a reading nook.

The key to these type of reading nooks is to find a designer chair that compliments the view of the room and have a side table to place your reading glasses, coffee or book.

Find interesting pieces of furniture like this wooden table, add a pillow or a throw to give it that cozy effect.

Fun Nooks in Kids Room

This fun and colorful kid’s bedroom is modern and colorful. The reading nook uses a splash of red making it the focal point. The fun circle-shaped built-ins create an inviting fun place to hang out and read.

Ok now, this is one of my favorites! There is so much creativity in the design and in the active play that can go there. From playing pirates in a pirate ship to cozying up to a book this is what childhood dreams are made of.

Don’t want to build a ship? ok, then how about a reading nook in the closet? add a fun ladder and you got yourself an awesome reading space.

Reading in the Bedroom

Multipurpose your spaces by creating a reading nook around a bed. Build a bookshelf next to the bed, add a few extra pillows and you got yourself the largest reading nook to hang out. just don’t fall asleep as you read!

Nooks can be made in any room for kids at any age. Newborns benefit from being read so why don’t create a cozy section for them too?

Cozy DIY Reading Nook

I love a good DIY project. Use gutters as bookshelves and buy wooden letters at your local art store that spell R. E. A. D. Add some lighting and bam! your kids will want to cuddle in there with their favorite book.

A big puff, a canopy, a basket with stuffed animals and a bookshelf can inspire any kid to read. This type of bookcases is great because they see the face of the books which draws more attention than the spine of the book. Kids are visual and they will be more invited to read by seeing the images and pictures of the characters.

Hang the bookshelf low so kids can easily reach their books as well as be able to put them back when they are done.

If you don’t want a reading pillow as a base, you can always use a fun rug. Add a few pillows and some bookshelves in their playroom and you got yourself a reading corner.

And lastly, I leave you with my favorite one. Why? because is what I have at home. My DIY nook for my son’s playroom.

Total cost was probably under $100. All I did was purchase a dog bed (yup! reading nook pillows could cost you over $200 and I was on a strict budget).

I purchased three large square grey pillows from Ikea and two smaller 20×20 green ones for a pop of color – also from Ikea.

My son immediately gravitated towards sitting there and reading his favorite Elmo book. I added a box next to it with 6 books for him to choose. I rotate these every so often so he always has something new to read.

I hope this gave a few ideas on how you can implement a reading nook in your house. Reading is both fun for adults and kids, there are tons of stories to choose from and adventures to explore.

What’s your favorite book? leave the name in the comments below.

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