Practical tools to maximize your play areas and transform your space into a place of independent play.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You spend more time picking up toys than actually seeing your toddler play with them.
  • Your toddler dumps every basket looking for toys yet they don’t play with much.
  • You don’t want to spend thousands of toys that they will just play once and leave it to the side
  • You feel like throwing all the toys out because “what’s the point” but you know that’s not the answer and feel there has to be a better way

It is like an overwhelming cycle, so many toys yet they don’t play with much!

If that sounds like your situation, I hear you, I see you! and you are right, there is a better way, it’s time to rethink how we see toys so they are not a burden, they are a tool.

Earn your time back

Learn our system to reduce cleanup time and increase independence play.

Create play areas and transform your space into a place of independent play and maximize brain development.

Join the TIME TO PLAY masterclass to help you increase independent play at home using the power of toys!

Define Your Areas

How to organize your home to promote independent play.

Declutter & Analyze

How to declutter, avoid toys that harm development, and manage inflow of toys from birthday and holidays

Implement Toy System

Learn how to reduce cleanup time  battles

Manage & Maintain

Create, Manage and Maintain your toys with my signature Color Toy System

From Overwhelmed to inner peace

in One hour and a half discover the secret to more independent play!

I spent hours researching and testing different ways to present, organize and what are the best toys to have. I found the secret  to creating a playroom that fosters creativity and more independent play.

It’s okay to foster independence through play, but to achieve that independence the environment needs to be set up for success. 

As a stay-at-home mom I needed to foster his learning while also getting some independent time to attend the house, read a book, or even create this blog you are reading now 😉

I consolidated my research; I tested my strategies and I found myself not only with more time to pursue some of my hobbies like writing and reading while my son happily played next to me. Independently! learning, testing his ideas and getting creative.  

You can get the fast road to this system, a system backed science,  proven by over 50 moms and you can learn it in less than 2 hours.


Backed by Science and Parent Approved!

Hey there! I’m Alexa.

Alexa is a Sensory Teacher and Play Coach. She helps parents teach their children through play-based activities to achieve milestones before entering Preschool.

Featured on PBS Kids and other local media outlets, her unique teaching style and learning programs have captivated parents worldwide. Through her successful play programs, she now hopes to educate parents near and far on how children learn best – through play.