Itsy bitsy spider sensory bins for toddlers under 3

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Looking for ways to incorporate learning using Itsy bitsy spider? Create a sensory bin to encourage fine motor skills, creativity and imagination.

Sensory bins are great to reinforce learning, increase vocabulary and encourage pretend play. I will share two sensory bins we created.

The first bin is for those still mouthing everything. We made it water based, and of course water is edible safe.

The second one is using materials for those kids that already do not put things in their mouth. We use dry rice and slime as our sensory base fillers.

Water based isty bitsy Spider sensory bin

Age: babies and toddlers that still mouth everything


  • Sensory bin
  • Colander
  • Empty bottle of soda
  • Toy Spider
  • Wooden sun
  • Cup
  • Water


  • Cut the end bottom of the soda bottle and secure it around with duct tape to protect any sharp edges. This will be our spout in which the Itsy Bitsy Spider climbs up, it will also be a fun large funnel you can save and use on other sensory bins later on.
  • Using a sensory bin, fill it up with enough water that Your toddler can scoop and pour the water from the cup.
  • Use the colander as the rain when playing along with the bin. Sing along the nursery rhyme And use the props to re-enact the story.

Rice ans slime sensory bin for Itsy bitsy Spider

Age: Tabbies that don’t mouth everything and 2’s


This bin was a bit of an improvised bin. I knew I wanted to make one but I wasn’t expecting to do it right then and there so I just used what I had around, that’s why you see I didn’t have enough green rice and these are not an Instagram friendly photos lol. But he loved it and sang the song as he put the spider up the tube and down into the rain.


Follow the recipe below and use green food coloring. You can replace the vinegar with hand sanitizer or alcohol and achieve the same result.


Why does this slime look weird? It was actually failed attempt to do slime with clear glue but the texture was a fun one. It is like Playdough got married with slime, so I let it and Manu loves it. You can use just Playdough or just slime to recreate the bin.

Use Recycled MATERIALS

A paper towel roll or toilet paper roll is a great recycled item to add to your sensory bin. You can cut it in half vertically to allow the spider to climb IN or leave it intact as we did.

Last Thoughts

Creating a sensory bin themed by Itsy Bitsy Spider is simple and a lot of fun. Play the nursery rhyme in the background as you recreate the song using the sensory bin.