lesson plan counting numbers 1-10

As adults, counting comes naturally and is a task we take for granted. So, where do we even start when it comes to teaching our kids to count? Here are a few lesson plan counting numbers 1-10 ideas you can implement at home.

You can start teaching and exposing your toddler to learn how to count as young as 1 Years old.

There are two three parts I used to create lesson plan counting numbers 1-10.

  • Reciting- numbers by memory (1-10)
  • Recognizing – how many objects correlate to what number (one on one correlation)
  • Identifying – the number visually.

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lesson plan counting numbers 1-10 Using Printable Worksheets

teaching numbers
lesson plan counting numbers 1-10

Counting workskeets are fun to use but must have some element of interactivity with manipulative objects. The above coat has buttons to be placed and instead of using a cutout of buttons we used real buttons. This allows for longer engagement and longer retention.

Young toddlers should not be using traditional worksheets. Always try to add a manipulative when working with them.

Important: Your child needs to be able to count objects to 5 before they can start counting to 10. The elephant worksheet has two worksheets to work on this skill. From 1-5 and from 1-10.

Here you will find a selection of worksheets designed to help your child count up to 10 different objects.

The elephant worksheet works on one on one correspondence. Touch or place a manipulative object such a pom-pom or mini eraser over each elephant as you count them.

Fireman Counting: This focused on one number at a time. Each card has a number and a corresponding number of items to count. Do the same exercise as the elephant worksheet or see below for our sensory bin fireman idea.

Gumball Counting: Probably one of the most used and simple activities to do. Each card has a gumball machine and a colored corresponding circle to represent the gumball. Place the number of gumballs into the gumball machine and have your toddler take them out -one at a time- and place them over the corresponding circle. You can use regular pom poms for this activity.

lesson plan counting numbers 1-10 Using Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are a fun way to practice counting while playing and reinforcing fine motor skills. They are easy to set up and tend to engage toddlers for a long time.

Sensory bins are great for development. I like to use themes to create inviting play ideas that will help them work on sensory-motor development while encouraging creative play. These fine motor skills are crucial skills used when entering Pre-K.

Aid your child to strengthen their hand and finger muscles too, later on, tie their shoes, button their jacket, and even hold a pencil!

Fireman sensory bin to practice counting

What toddler boy is not obsessed with firetrucks? mine is! so I took this opportunity to create a bin around it. I added foam blocks and magnet number puzzles and hide them under the rice. We played with the fireman and their job was to find all the numbers. Once we found them, we used the blocks to match them to each number fireman counting card and the blocks to match the card fire icons. 5 blocks to the number 5 and the puzzle number 5 to the card too. Repeat with the rest.

Of course, there was plenty of playtime for creativity and engagement throughout.

Colored chickpeas Sensory Bin

This sensory bin was a bit more loose in concept. We were strictly working on recognizing the numbers so we used a puzzle board only and some colored chickpeas.

The goal of the sensory bin was to fill up the numbers and reinforce which number was missing or complete.

lesson plan counting numbers 1-10 Using Coloring Pages

I love coloring pages, but not to be used the traditional way. I love to create craft activities over them. Yes, you can use crayons but that gets boring fast! Here are a few ideas you can do with number coloring pages:

  • Create a number book using one craft for each number, then stapling it as a book
  • Use puffy paint to paint over the number
  • Cut out the number and place stucky paper under it, add cellophane pieces to create a suncatcher.
  • Glue cotton balls, pompoms, feathers or any other craft material over the number
  • Cover the number in glue and sprinkle glitter or confetti over the number.

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