Love sensory play but short on time? Try this!

Sensory play is more than a sensory bin!

it is more than making a Pinterest craft. it is the ability to use and explore all of our senses to gain information about the world, make connections in the brain, and develop problem-solving skills, and resilience among other benefits.

Here are 3 easy sensory ideas you can do right now to engage your child’s senses without long setups or trips to the store for supplies.

#1. Water play in the sink

Water play is a favorite type of play for kids. Use a kitchen helper and allow your child to play with some soap and water! Give your child sponges, plastic cups, and dishes he/she can wash.

#2 Prepare dinner together

Involve your child in kitchen activities like stirring, and chopping (using safety knives), and allow them to taste the veggies while at it. This not only engages all of their senses but reduces picky eating associating food with fun and love.

#3. Go on a nature walk

Head over and take a walk around your neighborhood or a local park. Grab the stroller or their favorite scooter and go on a nature walk. Take a bucket with you and collect treasures. Sticks and ricks are a favorite treasure-hunting activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Talk about what you see, smell, touch and hear.

These simple activities are some of my child’s favorite activities and those from my online membership.

Never be bored again! Grab a copy of our easy Bucket List Guide of activities you can do with low supplies and little to no prep!