5-Minute microwave playdough Recipe {Fastest way to make playdough}

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Need a quick playdough recipe? then check out this microwave playdough recipe you can do in less than 5 minutes! This recipe is great if for daycares where they don’t have access to boiling water and still want to achieve soft playdough for the kids to use.

Playdough is a great tool for early development. Did you know that….

Playing with nature playdough helps strengthen fine motor skills in many ways. All that rolling, squeezing, pinching, and patting is great for little hands and fingers.

Fine motor skills are great skills for pre-writing skills. It allows a child to hold pens and pencils correctly and to be able to do up buttons and zips.

Making fresh playdough is a great option when you don’t have play dough in hand. Using one bowl, the following ingredients, and a microwave you can make really soft homemade playdough.

Let’s get started! grab these ingredients and let’s head over to the kitchen and make this easy microwave playdough recipe

Microwave Playdough Recipe Ingredients