Moon Sand Recipe (using only 2 ingredients)

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Finding a moon sand recipe can seem overwhelming but in here you will not just learn how to make it, you will also learn how to extend play using this activities to extend play. Moon sand is very quick and easy to make and is a great Sensoey play idea.

To make moon sand all you need is two ingredients. Use moon sand as your space themed sensory bin, add some play figurines and you got yourself a super fun space themed sensory bin.

During this week’s toddler sensory class I decided to work around the space theme. We created our own planet using markers and glow in the dark glue, and for our sensory bin we played with moon sand.

For our moon sans sensory bin, I added the moon sand, some moon-rock-sand made out of Oreo cookies, some astronaut figurines, glow in the dark stars, asteroids made out of aluminum paper, and some wooden rockets.

All Of these materials together made for the perfect toddler sensory play activity.

For our class with the toddlers that still put everything in their mouth we did edible sand and that was a lot of fun too!

How to make moon sand

Space themed play Ideas

When I introduce a sensory play activity I always like to make a full theme around it. For us is al done within the hour of class but I sometimes extend the theme through out the whole week at home.

Create your Planet

For our craft we created a planet. I drew a circle in the middle of the page and using markers the kids colored their planet. When some, I added some glitter paint over it and trace the circle with glow in the dark paint.

At around two years old, kids start becoming interested in the letters of the alphabet and a great way to introduce the concept that letters have meaning is with their name. So in the center of their planet, using the glow in the dark glue, we traced the letter of their name.

I hung my son’s planet in his room and when it gets dark, we get to see his initial glow. He loves it and I love it too!

Asteroid ☄️ basketball

Right before the class started I was crunching out some aluminum foil to create asteroids for our sensory bin.

My son, who is currently in the throwing stage started throwing the balls everywhere! This gave me an idea!

I wrapped an oatmeal container in white paper and drew some stars to decorate it.

We then proceeded to throw the asteroids into the bucket, empty the bucket, count and let the kids have fun with it. Some, even sat to open up the aluminum foil and tear it into pieces. (not part of the plan but a great fine motor skill activity)

Introduce vocabulary With Storytime

Love matching up my themes with books full of color and clear pictures. For the space theme I couldn’t choose one single book good for toddlers so I bough two very inexpensive ones at Amazon. First explorers: Astronauts and Nerdy Babies: Space

Learning through Play

Remember, playing is how kids learn. It doesn’t matter WHAT your kids play with but HOW you play with them.
Sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.
Don’t leave this idea here, go set it up and have a great time learning through play with your little one. For more age-appropriate easy and quick sensory play ideas plus learn how to teach your toddler at home to unlock their potential and reach their milestones don’t forget to subscribe.

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