The Easiest mother’s day crafts for 2 year old

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we deserve a cute craft to do with our little ones. These craft ideas are also great options to give to grandma or aunts as they too celebrate Mother’s Day.

All of these mother’s day crafts for 2 year old were selected because although 1-3-year-old toddlers are more destroyers than builders, I believe we can still work together with them to create cute things.

let’s get started!

My Favorite Mother’s Day Crafts For 2 Year Old

Love Poster

This was our first Mother’s Day crafts we did. I hosted a workshop with other moms and we had from tiny babies to toddlers and we all were able to do it and they came out super cute.

Using a craft poster write with paint the letter L in the top left corner and the Letter E on the bottom left. You can use a stencil, or like us, you can use your finger to spell it.
Then, using a paintbrush, paint your little learner’s hand and press the palm of his/her hand into the paper on the top right corner.
Do the same with each foot doing one at a time and pressing it in a diagonal direction to spell the letter V.

let it dry and then hung it proudly!

The beauty of Mother’s Day is that the Spring season is full of blooming flowers, so the next two projects are perfect because it uses just that, flowers!

Painting with Flowers

For this first one, choose two different color construction papers. One will be the background and the other one will be cut into a heart and glued over the background paper.
Chose some red, white, pink, and purple paint and use real (or fake) flowers as paintbrushes to paint over the heart.

Flower Mobile – Mother’s Day Crafts For 2 Year Old

This craft was so much fun because it was an activity that lasted more than 5 seconds (as opposed to some craft activities I’ve done before that usually last 5 seconds).
Go on a nature walk and collect a few flowers. Place the contact paper on a table, sticky side up. place the flowers like a sandwich in contact paper and cut into a heart-shaped. With a hole, puncher adds a hole at the top and thread a pipe cleaner.

It was so much fun even though Manu needed some help placing the flowers into the paper (he was more intrigued how the flowers were stuck into the paper and he wanted to take them off instead). But, we are a team so Team mom put back the flowers and cut the heart ❤️

Celery Heart Stamps

I do like a simple craft with paint. Next time that you go shopping grab some celery sticks as they are the center for this craft.

Take a craft postcard paper and bend it in half to create a greeting card.
Cut the celery stick in half, and dip the tip of the celery into the paint and stamp it into the craft paper.

The celery when cut makes a heart-shaped imprint.
alternate paints like this sample here or use just one color to make it easier on your toddler and avoid mixing colors.

Pom-pom Hearts

working with glue is a fine motor skill and process art activity for 1-3-year-olds. Create a heart and glue it using yarn. When it is dried, let your toddler add glue to the center of the heart and place pomp-poms on the inside to create a heart full of Pom-poms.

found on Pinterest

Heart Balloons Card

this one is probably my favorite found online! All you need is a toilet paper roll, red paint, craft paper and a photo do your toddler.

I suggest you work with your little one to stamp the hearts first by bending the toilet paper to make a heart-shaped and when it is dried you glue your little one’s photo and draw the strings for the balloons.

found on Pinterest

Shaving Cream Heart Art

This can get messy if your little one loves to wear every sensory supply (like mine does) but, the project is so cool! Shaving cream can be used as a base to make the coolest imprints.

Place shaving cream onto a shallow tray and drizzle some red and pink paint over. Use a stick to move the paint around (maybe your toddler can help you do this) and then have your toddler place a paper over the shaving cream to create an imprint. Then use another piece of cut paper to wipe off the excess shaving cream.

When The paper is dry cut it into heart shapes. Make a garland or glue them over a craft paper to create a greeting card or poster.

Found on Pinterest

Painter’s Tape Wall Art

This one is a final proof artwork so it is totally worth framing it and displaying it on your walls. Using painter’s tape spells the word “love” or you can even spell “mom” and set some finger paints over a canvas. Before the paint dries, strip off the painter’s tape to reveal the clean white text.

mother's day crafts for toddlers
found on Pinterest

So there you have it, lots of options for mother’s day crafts for toddlers lots of fun to do to celebrate the biggest love. Take this time to bond and play and I can’t wait to see what you create.

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My Favorite mother's day crafts for 2 year old