Easy Mother’s Day toddler art

looking for an easy Mother’s Day toddler art activity toddlers can do?

Spring is here and with that lots of flowers are blooming! Let’s create a fun art & crafts flower collage activity today. This is a great Mother’s Day craft!
Let’s go for a walk and collect some flowers. Then head home to create this craft.

This post is all about mother’s day toddler art

At the time of doing this mother’s day toddler art my son was 2 years old. I think this craft is good for this age but the child needs help placing the flowers in the paper. A 3 year old and older could probably do this craft independently.

Let’s get started!

mother's day toddler art

Materials for making this mother’s day toddler art:

  • Contact Paper
  • Real Flowers
  • ✂️ Scissors
  • String Or One pipe cleaner (optional)


Go on a nature walk and collect some flowers and leaves

At home, spread the contact paper flat on the table, sticky side up. Remove half of the protective paper only.

Let your little learner arrange the items on the sticky paper to create their unique Mother’s Day toddler art

When done, remove the protective paper from the other side of the contact paper and squeeze all the air piquets out it to create a clear film with the flowers trapped inside. (making a sandwich).
Cut a hole at the top using a hole puncher and tie a string or pipe cleaner.
hang it where the wind can move it and show it proudly!

happy spring or happy Mother’s Day!

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