How to make a nature Crown activity for toddlers

Nature crowns have been one of our favorite toddler activities during our nature class this spring and summer. Follow this easy tutorial to explore the outdoors and create a fun and easy nature crown out of natural materials you can find during a nature walk.

Toddlers are usually collectors, so this activity is so fun because do we go and do a nature walk to collect the leaves, sticks, and flowers, but we also get to sit after to put it together.

No nature crown is the same, and that’s the beauty of it. I have done this crown several times. Every time we go on a walk we have found something colorful and different to add on.

nature crown

What do you need to make a nature crown

Yo make a nature crown. You will need the following supplies

  • Construction paper
  • Packing Tape
  • Nature finds (leaves, sticks, flowers and petals)

how to Assemble it

To create the crown cut the crown out of construction paper or use a premade paper crown. The one above was found in the party section at the Dollar Tree Store.

nature crown toddler

To make a crown made from construction paper, cut out a strip to create a headband. You may add a circle in the front to have space to write their name. You really can be super creative when it comes to designing your paper nature crown.

Add piece of packing tape – sticky side out and tape the ends to secure it. We also had to secure the middle for the wind not to blow it away.

Once the sticky side is up, I always like to place a few petals to show the kids that the crown has sticky tape. Since it is clear, they don’t really see it, you have to show them.

Model how to place each petal over the crown to create patterns and designs. They will soon catch on and start adding their design.

Sometimes, kids are so intrigued about the sticky effect of the nature crown that they will want to explore how to take the petals off as (I have usually seen with toddlers under 2) oppose to sticking items into them them. That’s ok! thats part of the learning of exploring sticky tape.

Fill up your crown during a Nature Walk

Depending on the season you create your nature crown, it will look different. In the spring more flowers bloom around us, while in the fall more orange and yellow leaves will fill up your crown. Each crown will reflect the season and that is the beauty if it.

Encourage your child to pick up leaves, flowers and seeds already fallen from trees. Teach them how to preserve nature as you do your walk.

Can’t find flowers?

If you live in a place where flowers don’t bloom that much, you can always do what we do… ask a local florist from some extra flowers they might not be able to sell or you can purchase flowers to use for the activity.

Last thoughts on creating a Nature Crown

Enjoy your walk and take it slow. Take time to show your toddler what they are seeing, hearing, smelling and touching. Try to see the world through their eyes while collecting these fun colorful treasures.