Nature Discovery Bottle Recipe {outdoor activity idea for toddlers}

If you are looking for an easy idea to do while you are out on a nature walk with a toddler, this nature bottles are so easy to make and the end result are so pretty! But the best part, is the whole activity around it.

Follow me and I’ll show you!

What to do outdoors with Toddlers

Are you in lockdown? We are! So that means a lot of nature walks and getting very creative with what we do at home.

A nature walk was something I started implementing at home since the beginning of COVID and now it is part of our weekly outdoor toddler activities.

A typical nature walk for us consists of picking up sticks, throwing them into to lake, watching the nature animals both big and small or collecting flowers to create a flower suncatcher. I always try to tie in a craft or activity to make it fun. Kids learn by doing so that’s what we do!

Last time we collected sticks we painted them at home.

When we collected colored leaves, we created a sun catcher using the leaves, sticky paper and a paper plate. (I will look for the photos to share!)

This time, during our walk we worked on finding out what would fit in the bottle and what would be too big.

We look for textures, we observed how each time feel and we collected them in the bottle.

how to create a nature bottle

Gather a clear bottle, usually the ones used to sensory bottles like VOSS as they topically have a medium size opening.

Start gathering things found in nature such as sticks, rocks, leaves, and flowers.

With the smaller toddlers you have to do it first and model the activity. Pick up the sticks and show them how you are collecting them in the bottle.

Toddlers love to collect things so they will quickly take over the bottle and gathering materials once they catch on the goal of the activity.

When you are done collecting, close the lead and use to observe and as conversation starters. They will be so proud to show dad or brother once they get home and will display it proudly by the window or a table.

We sure were proud of our bottles and even though each kid picked different things they though was interesting, all together the bottles look fantastic!

Science activities for Toddlers

Next time you go on a nature walk, look for possibilities to incorporate science. Science is a lot about observing and seeing how things work. Is exploring different textures in nature, witnessing nature and how animals live in nature. What do they eat? Where are they going? What sounds do they make? These are all observations you can do, questions you can ask as you walk during park or on tour next stroller ride.

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