The Learning Binder 4

Teach Number and Letter recognition just 5 minutes a day!
Ideal for 4 and 5 Years Old

Interactive Sheets, Songs and Games with no Prep, no mess just fun!

Get Instant Access and get access to:

  • 80 Pages (Booklet + Game pieces)
  • 35 Games & Activities
  • Assemble Video Tutorials
  • Teaching Guided for for Maximum learning

Print it out at home or get the printed version! 


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The Learning Binder 4 Overview

This binder covers:

  • Math: Counting Strategies
  • Math: Reciting Strategies
  • Math: Number Recognition Strategies
  • Early Literacy 
  •  Letter Building and formation
  • Letter Recognition
  • Pre-Writing letter Formats
  • Upper- Lower Case recognition
  • Vocabulary building

It works!

Preschoolers learn with their while bodies. These interactive games allow your child to manipulate the objects and make sense of the concepts by using the songs and activities.

The simple instructions, the bright colors and the repetition are a perfect combination for learning using our strategies.

Each game has been designed and tested and used in our sensory classes to help kids master numbers and letter concepts.

Language And Early Literacy Skills

We want preschoolers to fall in love with print. this means understand that numbers and letters have meanings and that put together they create the names of our friends we love, the stories we read and the signs we see when we drive.
Using the interactive version of Handwriting Without Tears Method, preschoolers will be able to build letters, understand their formation before they can even write them.
Creating this small milestones through games, your preschooler will feel accomplished and left wanting to learn more.

 Math Skill Development

Learning numbers has three stragies. Reciting, counting and recognitizing numbers.
We created a few games to make all three of these strategies fun as well as easy to remember.
Pairing it with the power of music these multi-sensory activities are great for all types of learning styles your child may be developing.

Multi-Sensory Approach


Our core learning style is a sensory approach. This means, you can extend every activity with sensory bins, gross motor movement games to customize learning for those kids than need a little more movement and stimulation.



No More Guesses

You don’t need a teaching degree to be your child’s first teacher. All you need is 5 minutes a day. 

 Follow the guide, play with your child and before you know it, they will be asking for the binder. Because learning is  Play for a child if presented properly.

No more guessing what is age-appropriate for your child. Every activity has been proven and chosen to challenge your child and be successful. 

5 Minutes a Day is all you need!

Preschoolers have a short attention span and they are note meant to be sitting doiwn for 6 hrs a day. Instead, use short activities like this binder to teach important concepts.

The binder has been designed to be interactive, engaging, and used for short periods. 

Pick one activity a day to sing, play and move on with the rest of your day.

Help Develop Your Child and Foster a Love To Learn

kid activities with alexa

Hey there! I’m Alexa.

I am a sensory teacher, bilingual mother, stepmother, and believer of learning through play. I am the voice and founder behind Kid Activities with Alexa and I have been helping children learn since 2004.

My mission is to guide you to understand how your child plays, how to take that information and provide them with the best activities that will foster learning, reach milestones and give him/her  a head-start when entering Pre-K, all while having fun with you and creating an everlasting bond. 

I teach this, through sensory activities and lesson plans to support you in your play-and-learn journey.

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