Learning Numbers Sensory Bin

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Are you looking for a sensory bin that teaches to learn numbers in a fun way? Here is an easy learning numbers sensory bin you can do at home. All you need are a sensory bin filler and a number puzzle board.

When kids get to introduce a subject in a way that they can touch, feel and interact with, there’s a much better chance that they’ll retain the knowledge better.

learning numbers sensory bin
Learning Numbers Sensory Bin

learning to recognize numbers is the next step after teaching your toddler to count. I try the worksheet approach and Manu was not very much interested unless we did some type of craft, same happened with James and David who are doing the preschool program along with us. So I decided to test an idea. A sensory bin focused on numbers. It was a hit! and we saw a few wins just by using this week all throughout the week.

I colored garbanzo beans in different colors and place them in a large bin. I gave Manu a number puzzle and a bucket. As the numbers go filled with the beans, we practice recognizing and naming what each one was.


  • Colored Garbanzo beans
  • Sensory Bin
  • Number puzzle board
  • Cups and spoons

How to Play with a Numbers Sensory Bin

This is some pretty open ended play. The boys just loved getting their hands all in it!

  • Color the garbanzo beans according to the recipe below in various colors and let them dry.
  • Place the garbanzo beans inside the sensory bin along with the numbers puzzle board, the cups, and spoons.
  • Show your toddler how to place the bins inside the number board to complete each number. Reinforce the name of the number completed.
  • Allow plenty of time for free-play.
  • Spark conversation and allow for opportunities to ask questions. “you just completed the number 4” “What number is that?” “Can you find the number 3?”

How to color Garbanzo beans for Numbers Sensory Bin

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