Awesome one year old Halloween activities to make the best of the spooky season

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The first Halloween now that your little one is mobile is a special one! but what activities can you do during October leading up to this day?

Of course, nothing too scary and of course edible safe, because we know they totally go for the mouth first! Well, here is a collection of ideas you can use this month to celebrate.

Spooky tunnel

Last year I hosted a Halloween party for babies and toddlers at our local swim academy. my favorite activity was a not-so-spooky Halloween tunnel. It was a sensory tunnel full of sensory materials to explore as they crawled through it.

I used a large cardboard box I purchased at the local hardware store. I did two tunnels to make it extra long (it was a party, I was afraid we were going to have too many babies waiting)

  • I added feathers, chains, and bells around the walls and entrance to work on the senses.
  • I added glow in the dark sticks on the walls and on the floor hidden under the garlands.
  • I created a textured walkway on the wall using contact paper and water beads. If I knew then what I know now, I would have just made a series of sensory bags and used duct tape to attach them to the floor.
  • And to give it the last spooky effect, I poked holes in the roof and added orange and purple lights (found at the dollar store)

Spooky Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are great as part of one year old Halloween activities because they are safe and so much fun! We have made a few, but you can do a glow in the dark sensory bottle, a jack-o-lantern Sensory bottle, or even a spooky spider one! the possibilities are endless!

Halloween Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are my go-to activity these days. Some toddlers at one year old also enjoy these setupss. A simple colored rice scoop activity can be a lot of fun!

How to color Rice Orange for Halloween Sensory Bin

Monster Craft

A simple painting activity can be a lot of fun. Some Green paint and self-adhesive google eyes is all you need. Check out the slides and see how simple I set this up for Manu. We used watercolor paper because that’s what I had in hand, but you can use any thick paper like cardstock or mixed media paper. (Check out all my recommended art supplies for one year olds here)

Monster Eyes Edible Sensory Bin

one year old halloween activities

I think this is one of my all-time favorite Halloween activities. I did a Mommy & Me event and brought these monster eyes for the babies and toddlers to enjoy. They had a blast! oh! and I made a huge Jell-O brain! so much fun!

To make this all you need is some Jell-O, raisins, and some plastic eggs to make the eye shape. Get the full Monster eye tutorial here

Spider Laundry Rescue

Hide a few plastic spiders into a basket and threat around some yarn, then let your little one rescue the spiders. Sounds simple? it is to set up! but it takes a lot of critical thinking to experiment ways to get these little creatures out.

Last thoughts on One Year Old Halloween Activities

At one year old kids are not ready for pretend play or to understand the difference between fantasy and reality, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the fun! they can still do one year old halloween activities Create some sensory activities and follow their interest. You both will have an amazing not-s-spooky time!

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