8-week free lesson plans for 1 year olds

If you are looking for free lesson plans for 1-year-olds to get a sense of what it is to

Homeschool your little one or to add more learning through playtime at home here are 8 lesson ideas that I worked on with my son.

free lesson plans for 1 year olds

This post is a resource with 8 weeks of free lesson plans for 1 year olds.

I worked with speech developers, teachers, and other moms who have done teaching at home and took all their recommendations plus my research on what to teach them at this age and combined it with my passion for making teaching fun and creative.

Give them that advantage of knowledge before they start pre-k with fun activities during playtime with these free lesson plans for 1 year olds.

Fast-forward a year and now I have been featured in PBS kids, teach sensory classes and help thousands of moms teach their little ones at home and have a play membership helping moms teach their little ones at home, feel confident and empowered hand by hand with me along their journey (Here We Grow)

8-week free lesson plans for 1 year olds

Select the lesson plan you want to access. Each lesson plan has 3-4 activities to do at home this week.

Free One-Year-Old Lesson Plans

The areas of learning and development we will focus on in these 8 lessons are:

I love the idea of having my toddler at home with me every day, and I want to maximize my time with him and practice skills that will help him succeed in pre-k as he works on each developmental milestone. Before I know it he will be starting pre-k and I want to make sure I prepare him well for that.

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After hours of research, purchasing products, and later finding out they were NOT suitable for a one-year-old, I gave up and the teacher in me had to come out. I developed a workbook and a full curriculum to teach our little ones what they should know at one year old. This was all tweaked and tested by multiple moms before it was launched.

If you want something quick with a low setup like the Toddler Binder for busy Moms, or you want more hands-on sensory activities like the ones included in the My First School: One-Year-Old Curriculum you will finally spend more time playing with your little one than searching for activities to do with him/her.

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Free One Year Old Lesson Plans