The Learning Binder 1

Teach just 5 minutes a day!
Ideal for 12 to 24 month Toddlers

Interactive Sheets, Songs and Games with no Prep, no mess just fun!

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  • 59 Pages (Booklet + Game pieces)
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The Learning Binder 1

Start teaching the basics and give your toddler a head start on pre-k subjects. Learn colors, sound, and other important subjects your child can master at 1 year old.

This binder covers:

  • Primary Colors 
  • Pre-Math Concepts 
  • Early Literacy 
  •  Body Parts Recognition
  • Vocabulary 
  •  and more…

It works!

I purchased many curriculum and programs online that claimed to teach subjects to toddlers only to work through the lessons and realize the subjects and level of activities where too advanced for a two-year-old.

Those approaches were kindergarten teachers making little toddlers mini-kinder gardeners. WE DON’T WANT THAT!

Teaching a child academic skills they are not ready for actually harms development in the long term.

With a lot of money wasted and frustration I took it upon myself to ask, research, get certified in play and test the concepts that two-year-olds can grasp, learn and master.

I worked with Play-Based preschool owners and those experts in the field to understand the concepts a 1 yr can work through out before their third birthday.

I tested every idea with hundreds of parents and the result was THIS booklet series.

Help Develop Your Child and Foster a Love To Learn

Language And Early Literacy Skills

One-year-olds should be saying about 20 words by the end of their first birthday, but before your toddler can speak, he/she needs to learn and master sounds. 

We will work with songs, rhymes, and animal songs to learn and master these. A lot of vocabulary needs to be learned, and we will use fun games to learn body parts, common item names, fruits, and more.

 Cognitive Development

This area works on everything that involves critical thinking, cause, and effect,  such as sorting, counting, and problem-solving. 

 The binder has matching activities, memory skills, counting, and matching to work on these skills in a fun way.

Pre-Writing Skills


Work on Fine and gross motor skills through sensory play. Getting your little one ready to write is essential at this age. 


Hand movement, grasping, eye-hand coordination, and hand muscle strength will be worked on using the activities with the binder.



No More Guesses

You don’t need a teaching degree to be your child’s first teacher. All you need is 5 minutes a day. 

  No more guessing what is age-appropriate for your child. Every activity has been proven and chosen to challenge your child and be successful. 

5 Minutes a Day is all you need!

One-Year-Olds have a short attention span.; Therefore, every activity presented has to consider this. 

The binder has been designed to be interactive, engaging, and used for short periods. 

Pick one activity a day to sing, play and move on with the rest of your day.

This Learning Binder is Powerful

What customers are saying…

"My time at home improved SO MUCH after getting this binder!"

"Everything that Alexa creates is based on research, and I can see the effort and time she puts into these binders. I love to sit with my daughter and play through the activities. I use English and Spanish to teach her both languages. I know exactly what to work on with her, and some days are even hard to put the book away; she says "play play" as she reaches out for the binder. I love the binder and have purchased Binder 2 already to get started once she is two years old"  ~Dani P.

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 11.19.49 AM
My daughter loves the Old Mc Donald Farm activity page, she has started to make the sound of the cow and we have only been working with the book for two weeks. I can't wait for more! Thank you for creating a resource like this! - Sandra Pinilla
Sandra Pinilla

This workbook is a great resource! I don't always have the time to develop activities, and these quick worksheets and games are just what I need. We even take the workbook to restaurants to play while waiting for our food. -


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kid activities with alexa

Hey there! I’m Alexa.

I am a sensory teacher, bilingual mother, stepmother, and believer of learning through play. I am the voice and founder behind Kid Activities with Alexa and I have been helping children learn since 2004.

My mission is to guide you to understand how your child plays, how to take that information and provide them with the best activities that will foster learning, reach milestones and give him/her  a head-start when entering Pre-K, all while having fun with you and creating an everlasting bond. 

I teach this, through sensory activities and lesson plans to support you in your play-and-learn journey.