5 Ways to Paint with Toilet Paper Rolls that Toddler and preschool love

One of the first exposure to art for a toddler is through art. Using toilet paper rolls to paint is a great first paintbrush.

Toilet papers are easy to hold and easy to access.

Paint can be a lot of fun for both you and your toddler. There is something about paint that frees your mind. Toddlers learn a lot though art

I love ways to use recycled material and this is one of them. Painting with toilet paper rolls just adds to the fun!

Let’s get some ideas so you can leave today inspire to try these at home. And if you do, I would love to see it!

Let’s get started!

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Painting doesn’t mean a paintbrush and paper, there are so many ways paint can be used and materials to replace the paintbrush.

Next time you ran out of toilet paper or kitchen paper towels save the roll. You can do a handy paintbrush to use for painting. Paint with toilet paper rolls!


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How to Paint

Prepare your area. Toddlers don’t know how to paint in small pieces of paper yet, therefore the larger the paper the better.

If you don’t have large pieces of paper or the giant paper roll from Ikea (that’s what we have as part of our art supplies) you can use an old sheet over the table and place the mixed media or craft paper on top.

On the paper plate, pour two different colors of paint. You can use one plate per color as well. Just a small amount will do. If you need more, you can always pour more. With toddlers we have to avoid accidents as much as possible, so less paint is less of a risk to make a mess.

5 ways to paint with toilet paper rolls

paint with toilet paper rolls to create Circle Stamps

paint with toilet paper rolls

The easiest tool is to leave the toilet paper as is and use it as a stamp to create circles. Just dip the toilet paper roll into the paint and stamp onto the paper.
this is a great art activity if you are learning shapes!

Crafty Texas Girls: Pumpkin Painting with Toilet Paper Rolls

Cut stripes and shapes to create different designs

Using the same technique as the fireworks, cut fewer strips and design the tip of the stripes to create different designs to create different stamp designs.

Create a Firework stamp

Using scissors, cut stripes on one end of the toilet paper roll and bend the stripes outwards.

Dip the toilet paper roll into the paper plate with the paint.

Stamp onto the paper using light pressure

Create Dandelions

The firework stamp technique is also called the dandelion technique. Long stripes and light press on paint and you can create a work of art!

Create Shape Stamps

You can also create different shapes by bending the toilet paper roll in the shape of a triangle or a square. You can get creative like yololos blog did here.

Use toilet paper rolls to create shapes and use as stamps
stamping with toilet paper rolls can create awesome designs
Bend the toilet paper roll to create leaf-shaped stamps

Create Stamps by adding foam stickers

Just glue a few foam-shaped stickers onto the roll to create a fun pattern as you roll around the toilet paper onto the paper.

How bad is the clean-up?

I hope you give it a try with your toddler. Painting can be a lot of fun and the mess can be contained if you pour a little amount of paint, use an apron and cover the table.

Use an old sheet to cover the table or even a large plastic bag. The bag you can then throw away along with the paper plate and toilet paper rolls. One easy cleanup!

Which was your favorite type of stamping design?

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