Pirate Activities for Kids

Ahoy Parents! It’s pirate theme week and we have tons of ideas you can join in the fun this week with easy crafts, games, and activities with your kids.

Entertaining your baby/toddler/kid at home can be challenging over the summer. Because of this, we have come up with a series of themes each week to create activities and crafts around it.

This week’s theme is a PIRATE THEME!

Creating themes for the week has made our life easier to come up with ideas to entertain the kids, plus it gives them something to look forward to each week.

These activities can be customized to your kid’s age and it will guarantee lots of laughter and fun!

Pirate Activities for Kids

For the summer, we have created a general theme for each day. Each day of the week we have assigned a type of activity. Then we join that together with a theme for the week and we have a weekly scheduled planned.

Monday are usually movie or music,

Tuesday we create something

Wednesday we play with water since after all, it’s summer.

Thursday we travel somewhere

Friday we do messy play, usually art, crafts and just fun!

Some week’s we don’t do the activity the same day it has been assigned, because let’s be honest, life happens and as parents we have to switch things around. and that’s ok… is just a general idea for us to come up with different things to do.

Movie or Music Monday

I like easy activities and Mondays are usually easy to execute. This one is an easy one to do. Make some popcorn, cuddle on the sofa and play the Peter Pan Movie.

If you have babies and toddler then you are better off with some shorter form of entertainment such as playing some pirate songs on YouTube to dance and sing along.

Here are our favorite toddler and baby song to accompany our Pirate Activities for Kids this week.

Pirate Activities for Toddlers

Create Tuesday is one is one of my favorite days of the week. Tuesday’s is all about the imagination and what we can do with simple supplies that will give us hours of entertainment. Here are a few ideas:

Since Manny is a currently a toddler (16months) and he is totally into placing objects in and out of boxes we will be creating a treasure box for him that he can play with.

Treasure Chest Craft

We will be following this treasure box craft as I think it is the easiest one to do. (I love easy!) and will be filling it with play coins we already have as well as glass beads, I might order the play gems from Amazon to add more of a pirate feel. I will be skipping the sand but you can always turn the activity into a sensory bin activity if you want to include the sand.


More Play ideas

Island Hoping – Scavenger Hunt

One of my favorite things I love to play with my older son has always been scavenger hunts. He is off summer camp this week so I’m sure he will enjoy helping me set up or even play with us on some for these pirate activities for the kids.

On Thursdays, we usually travel somewhere, this week I need to go grocery shopping so our activity will be around the grocery store.

You can make a list of fruits, vegetables or even use your grocery list as a treasure map and get the kids involved.

For toddlers like Manny, I have created a visual map with simple fruits and veggies we can look for.

Grocery Store Treasure Hunt is a great way to get kids involve in when you have to buy groceries

Head over the digital library to download the free Printable Grocery Store Treasure Hunt Map.

Here’s another map you can print out and add your own items to the map for the scavenger hunt

Arts & Crafts Pirate inspired

So Fridays are to let loose and not be afraid of the mess. I like to get out the paint, markers and glue.

If you are in the mood for some guided play, then check out some of these pirate crafts. They are all so cute I am still not sure which one I want to do. I’m leaning towards the pirate telescope but I guess you will have to check out my Instagram to see what we pick!

pirate activities for kids

Craft Pirate Activities for Kids and Toddlers

So there you have it, a full week of pirate activities for toddlers and kids that you can do to keep the kids entertained. If you find an activity that is not age-appropriate then remember you can always change it, make it simpler for a toddler or make it more challenging for an older kid. just remember to have fun!