26 Playdough Mats letters to learn the alphabet

Are you looking for a fun, fine motor resource that will allow your students to practice letter, number and shape formation? ABC playdough mats are perfect to practice this skills.

Playdough allows to work on fine motor skills and as you pair them with playdough mats to learn the alphabet you are engaging the senses. Kids learn when you engage difference senses when learning with multi-sensory and FUN experiences kids grasp concepts faster.

Print these out and either laminate or place them in a sheet protector to practice.

playdough mats for letters alphabet abc learning

How to use Letter Playdough Mats

We have used the mats with our letter of the week activities. For the Letter M playdough mat, we used galaxy homemade playdough and learned about the moon. You can grab this free printable at the bottom of this post.

I present the playdough mat along with a book at the begining of each week when I introduce the letter of the week.

I usually present the mat with the letter already made to show my toddler how the mat is to be used.

We identify the letter of the week as we read the book. At this time, my son us usually playing with the playdough as I read the story, then at the endo of the book we make the letter again using the mat. My son is 3 so he can’t do the letter by himself, in this case, I help him and we do the activity together.

Use your playdough mats with our galaxy playdough recipe

Whenever you can, use a multi-sensory approach when teaching the alphabet. Our letter of the week plan has been a work in progress and we have seen great progress with the kids. (We have 4 kids doing the weekly activities along).

We are five weeks in and 3 of the kids recognize, sound, and label at least 2 letters that we have worked on so far.

Download The Playudugh Mats Alphabet Letters

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