South Florida | Playtown Museum Weston Review and Photos

Playtown Museum Weston is an indoor playground for kids located in Weston, Florida.

  • 153 Weston Rd, Weston, FL 33326
  • Opens 10AM – 7pm (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays it says to check their Instagram for times)
  • Phone: (954) 928-8839

How much does it cost?

The ticket to enter is about $12 and that includes a snack coupon that you can redeem at the end.

$11.50 for each child – Siblings $9.50*

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays : $13.50 for each child – Siblings $11.50*

*children 11 months and under are free if accompanied by a paying sibling

*All paid admissions include entry for up two adults. Additional adults will be charged $5 each(Guests 13 years old and older are considered adults)

The snacks are limited but the boys always seem to want something fromtheir choices. Goldfish, pretzels, fruit gummies, popcorn and a few others I can’t remember … but still, giving a snack I think its a nice touch!

Is Playtown Museum for babies?

Even though their website suggests that the ideal age for this place is from 0 to 6yrs old, in my opinion, this place is great for 3yrs old to 6yrs old. This is because the type of play this indoor playground is set up to be – for pretend play – little learners younger than three do not engage as much in that type of play.

Although they do have a baby area, this area is small and has very few toys and activities to engage in play for the little ones. For the price of entry, in my opinion, it is not worth it unless you have older kids you need to entertain.

Baby section with a small ball pit and a few foam blocks and toys

Could a One-Year-Old enjoy it?

I took Manny (19 months old) and we did spend a good hour and a half there and he found things to play with. He didn’t engage in full pretend play because he is just starting to enter that phase. He did enjoy looking at the market, placing fruits in and out of the cart as well as pushing the cart around the playground.

I took our trip as a learning opportunity to practice vocabulary using the pretend fruit.

grocery cart over the main green area

He definitely enjoyed his time the best with the dogs and doing some pretend-play with them.

About the playground

You and your kiddos need to wear socks while inside. Don’t worry! if you forget yours (like I did) you can purchase a pair of socks for a very reasonable price.

The playground is better than I initially thought it would be. Through the photos, it looked like a much larger space. I didn’t mind the smaller size, small means I didn’t have to chase him all over to know where he was at all times.

There’s really no sitting in the play area for parents.

I was able to sit on the floor in the middle green rug and see what he was doing and where he was going.

If you want to sit and engage in play you can go to the dinner. If you want to sit comfortably. You can sit in the front of the ice cream truck where they have some tables and the WiFi password.

The toys are well taken care of and the place is clean.

There are 9 different areas which 7 of those are little rooms they can interact with.

The fire station
The market
The house
The ice cream truck
The diner
The beauty salon
The pet hospital

For building, there is a lego table, and surprisingly both times I’ve been there the legos have stayed at that table

There is an art table to get creative too. The other tables have puzzles and other table top toys.

Most markets don’t work but the crayons an los color pencils did the job!

There is a party section if you wish to celebrate your kids birthday there.

The staff was new when I went the first time and not very friendly. The second time, the staff was a lot nicer but still, they do not guide you much in the process or rules.

The first time we went they took forever to take payment and get organized at the front desk (and it was not even full). You can tell that they are still working on a few things in learning how to deal with parents, customer service and other logistics of managing a new business.

The second time we didn’t even got a snack coupon and she didn’t mentioned we could get one, but at the end when we were leaving she did give the boys a snack.

The staff was not rude, but not the typical customer experience you expect or see at other indoor playgrounds.

The second time was a much better experience, maybe because I already knew how things worked.

Overall it was a nice experience and we will probably visit again soon.