Guide: Two Year Old Learning Goals (Digital PDF)


Want to know what to teach your toddler? this guide is exactly what you need!



This printable is part of the homeschool series and is the core of our Learning Binder and Curriculum.

Way to help you create your own homeschool program at home

  1. Setting up a learning environment
  2. Creating a homeschool schedule
  3. Understanding what to teach at what age (what to teach at 1 yr old | what to teach at 2 years old)
  4. How to create learning goals (1 yr old learning goals | 2 year old learning goals ) YOU ARE HERE
  5. and track progress during the year
  6. How to choose lessons, activities and learning curriculums to teach the learning goals
  7. Purchasing supplies to aid your teaching goals (supplies for 1 year olds | supplies for 2 year olds <coming soon>)