The Learning Binder 2 | Two Year Old Printables Binder


82 pages of learning! The activity booklet comes bound in a booklet form on cardstock paper. Game pieces come ready to cut also in cardstock.

From detailed instructions on how to use each of the 30 games to ready-to-assemble interactive worksheets that your toddler will be asking time over time to use!



  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • Emotions & Feelings
  • Opposite
  • and more…


Teach at-home learning concepts designed for two-year-old toddlers. With an easy open-and-play concept that you can use for just 15 minutes a day.

what is the difference with the curriculum? The LOVE TO LEARN Curriculum is a homeschool program with weekly activities you can do. It has art activities, sensory and other more hands-on through learning for the days you have more time.

the LEARNING BINDER  is perfect for the days you don’t want a hands-on sensory activity (or don’t have time) but still want to add some learning into the day. Just open and play.


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Teach pre-k readiness concepts in just 15 minutes a day and develop language and literacy skills.

The printed version of the booklet is printed and on a separate package, the game cards are ready to be cut for play.  Before you know it, your toddler will be handing you the folder and asking to play (just like mine does).

FAQ 2 Year Old Learning Binder

What is the difference between the binder and the curriculum? 

The binder is set up like a busy book, open, and play. There is no setup, no materials needed just open, choose a page, and practice. Great for busy moms, or to use while waiting at a restaurant or simply at home when you don’t feel like setting up the activity but still want to use the time to learn.

The curriculum is a weekly lesson plan to do at home. They include songs, sensory play, crafts, and other hands-on sensory activities to enhance learning. It works ok skills like learning to use scissors, and refining fine motor skills among other hands-on learning sensory bin ideas, printable, etc.. it has an assessment tracker and is more like a homeschool plan.

How many Activities are in the book?

There are about 27 different interactive activities in the book, some have multiple pieces like the opposite postcard, ABC postcard, shapes, and spot who is different.


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