Make this Rainbow fluffy Slime for Spring

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My favorite thing in in the slime world is now THIS! Specially this Rainbow fluffy Slime The pop of color, the possibilities of play and the stretchiness is just enough and safe enough for a toddlers.

To makeRainbow fluffy Slime you are going to need the following ingredients per each color.

  • 1/2 tsp liquid starch (Sta-Flo)
  • 1/8th cup White Elmer’s glue
  • 1/2 cup shaving cream
  • food coloring
Rainbow fluffy Slime

We used this recipe as part of our celebration to finishing our Color Lesson Plan. A full month of color activities to practice and learn colors through play activities.

Tips when preparing and storing Rainbow fluffy Slime

Adding Shaving cream allows the slime to have more body and fluffiness to its texture; it is the perfect slime for toddler playtime.

Preferably use high-quality food coloring for colors that are strong and vibrant. The ones I used are my favorite for this type of activities that require the colors to stand out. You will only need to use or or two drops for each color. You can also use a cheaper version found at the grocery store, just add a few extra drops of food coloring to avoid getting pale colors. The white glue will tone down the colors so be mindful of that.

If your Rainbow fluffy Slime is too stiff add a pump or two of hand lotion. Hand lotion will soften it and add some elasticity to the slime. Some people use this as a trick when slime stiffens after being stored.

Storing Rainbow fluffy Slime tips

Shaving cream will deflate a bit after being stored so it will lose its puffiness.
Once colors get mixed during playtime they will not stay separated in strands but will mix fully, creating a purple-ish color.

Rainbow fluffy Slime Activity Ideas

Rainbow fluffy Slime
Stretching our Rainbow fluffy Slime and discovering the new colors and waves it creates

We initially created this activity to finalize our color month. We had been going deep into each color and I thought preparing a few rainbow activities would be fun to complete our lesson plan.

Rainbows are also very common to be used during spring themes, this would be a great activity to incorporate then.

Use this Rainbow fluffy Slime but change the color of the slime and you can basically use it for any theme! When we were done playing with the slime and it was a purplish brown color I added a few drops of black food coloring and used it for our slide theme.

Final Thoughts on Rainbow fluffy Slime

I have found that slime is not an easy sensory recipe to replicate. Usually, everyone’s type of glue and quantities do not measure perfectly leaving a few of us with a hot sticky mess! After many tries (1 gallon of white glue to be exact… while making our Halloween witches brew slime) I learned that the activator, in this case the Sta-Flo is key!

too sticky? Add activator. It doesn’t matter if my recipe calls for less than what you end up using. Don’t be afraid to add a few spoonfuls to achieve the perfect slime.

what is the perfect slime? That varies. Some people like it sticky and very stretchy while others like it stiffer and not so stretchy (me… because with a toddler quick moves I need to have more control of the situation)

Whatever your perfect Rainbow puffy Slime looks like, just remember this is not just fun but a great fine motor activity to develop those little hand muscles in the hand for our little learners to then get ready for writing.