Rainbow Spaghetti Pasta Recipe for Sensory Play

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Playing with colored food is a lot of fun and easy to make (believe it or not!)

The pop of colors on this rainbow food recipe is attractive to both babies and toddlers and it is just super fun and inviting sensory ideas to play at home.

During my weekly sensory classes, I always like to dedicate one of the classes to playing with my Rainbow Spaghetti Recipe For Sensory Play. The colorful rainbow colors are so much fun as an edible-safe play idea.

If you are interested in coloring raw pasta, use this recipe

There are two ways to play and color pasta. you can color it raw straight from the box, or you can color cooked.

Because cooked pasta is edible safe both babies and toddlers can enjoy it, it is my go-to technique when setting up the class.

Spaghetti For Sensory Play

Integrate Rainbow COLORED PAsta Recipe in YOUR Sensory Play

We integrated the sensory play with this zoo book and then created our zoo using these Zoo animal figurines. The kids had a great time hiding the animals, practicing vocabulary, cutting the spaguetti with scissors and using tongs to transfer it to different cups.

colored pasta recipe
Rainbow Pasta Recipe for babies and sensory play

The babies also had a great time with this Spaghetti Recipe For Sensory Play. Moms were excited to see their little ones eat, toss and explore these long colorful stripes.

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Rainbow Pasta Recipe


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