South Florida | Recess Playground Weston – Review and Photos

recess playground weston review and ohotos
Overview of Recess Indoor playground Weston, fl

What is Recess Kids Club?

Recess Kids Club is an indoor playground located in Weston, Florida.

Address: 16098 W State Rd 84 Unit #2, Weston, FL 33326 (Directions)


  • Monday through Friday: 9am to 1pm. then 3pm to 7pm
  • Weekends: Closed

Phone(954) 990-6578


How much does Recess Indoor Playground in Weston cost?

Open Play

  • $12 all-day kid admission + $8 siblings + 0-12m free 
  • $6 all-day admission (0-12m)  
    • $9 per child (minimum 10 children) Just call or email, request a time and date, guarantee your special fee per child by paying in advance, and show up to enjoy the fun

Note: In my opinion, a young (1-2 yr old) toddler won’t be there for more than 3 hours. So $12 can be a bit pricy for us for the amount of time they will enjoy it. I wish they had like a half a day package… I would go more often if it was $6 for half a day for sure!


10-day pass: $90  6-month membership: 1 child $150, 1 child + sibling $220 (extra sibling +$70)

Is Recess Playground for babies?

I think so! There is a designated room for the little ones under 3 and although is not too big it definitely has some developmental toys to be used by babies.

You can also get creative with the rest of the equipment so you can have a great fun time. Hang out over n the bean bags used for the rock climbing wall.

Or have some sensory time at the sandbox. Which by the way, is the best sandbox I have seen so far! the toys they have are awesome.

And you can even hang out at the ball pit and work on strengthening the core and leg muscles as they strive to have some balance.

Could a One-Year-Old enjoy it?

Oh yes! my toddler (20 months) had a great time! He used the sandpit and played with their toys for a long time. They are definitely toys that inspire creative play and fine motor skill development.

He played at the roller coaster cars – which was definitely our favorite part!

We spend a lot of time at the ball pit, and since no one was there when we went (who else is able to be out the door before 9 am!) I even got into the ball pit with him and laugh until our bellies hurt.

We had some fun at the toddler area where he self-entertained for a bit while I catch my breath.

And we spent some time drawing on the dry erase wall. He loved it… I didn’t it. I felt he would go home and would not know the difference between the white dry-erase wall and our walls.

Layout and Photos of Recess Playground in Weston, Fl

mini obstacle course to practice balance and jump into the ball pit

When you walk in you are greeted by the front desk and behind there is a snack area. Tables and they even sell some snacks.

There are no walls where kids can be lost. You can comfortably sit at one of the table sitting area and watch your kids play. The place is pretty open and you can see where your child is at all times.

recess playground weston offers free wifi

To the left, there is the toddler area with a few toys. What I liked is that it is closed and there is a very prominent sign that says it is for the little ones. Keeping our babies safe and separated from the oldest as the place gets busy.

The tunnel caterpillar toy is the best one!

In the main area, there is a very small section for Lego Duplo but what is cool is that the boards to stick your creation are over on a column. It definitely adds dimension to what everyone is used to playing – which is probably a flat table.

The rock climbing wall is definitely for the older ones but we took advantage of the pillows and created a mini-obstacle course while we were there.

I also saw some books laying there so I’m assuming one of the moms was using it as a reading nook too.

Recess playground weston rock climbing wall

The ball pit was our favorite. It is opened so the parents can interact with the kids while they are in there, and there is a slide that falls into.

Manny was too little to climb to the top of the slide but with my help, I was able to lift him to a higher part of the slide and let him fall into the ball pit.

At the far left, you have the sandbox and I can’t say it enough. The quality of the toys is awesome. You can tell there was some thought put into what was put in there.

recess playground weston sandbox

According to their website, a manicure and pedicure will be offered for the mamas while the kids play. I’m looking forward to that service opening up!

Final Thoughts about recess playground Weston

Overall, I think this place has great potential. It is great for pre-school and young elementary school students but that doesn’t mean babies and toddlers can’t enjoy it.

We will definitely be going back, although probably will try to go gather a few moms too so that we can get a group pricing and make it more affordable.