These are resources that I personally use and recommend because they are really helpful and essential for making life as a new mom.

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I laminate a lot for both my son and the workbooks I sell. I have purchased this laminator for about $20 and it has treated me very well. I have laminated over 700 pages and I have no complains!

Laminator at Amazon

Laminator Sheets

I think the most important part when laminating things is to choose a good quality laminator sheets. You want to make sure they have the right amount of glue that gets activated with the heat to make sure you don’t get pages that start opening up.
I use the scotch laminator sheets. I started buying the pack of 100 and then when the business picked up I buy the packs of 200


Let’s start with Amazon Prime. Because most products below I probably got them at Amazon and saving on the shipping by being a member has really saved me money every year. I can’t live without my Amazon Prime Membership. We buy almost everything here (I buy daily.. as soon as I remember. I need something I buy it) – books, toys, shoes, stuff for my sensory class, and everything else for the house… If I can’t get it at Costco, the Dollar Store or Amazon Prime it probably means I won’t get it. I love the convenience of having things delivered to my door within 2 days! And the return process is super easy. Plus, Amazon Prime Video is included in the membership as well.


Music is very important for language development. We use the echot dot to have easy access to our favorite songs “Alexa play the wheels on the bus”. It is also a tool I use when putting Manu to sleep “Alexa play lullaby music” and at nap time? it reads books to me while I clean the kitchen!


Having the right supply lists is just as important for development as having the right toys. At this age, is all about learning how to use the materials and creating process art. Make sure you have these supplies at hand to always be prepared when creating art.


If you are looking for toys to add to your playroom that is educational and fun, then this Toy Guide is worth checking out. It is broken down by age from the newborn stage all the way to 2 years old and offers educational suggestions.


If you want to start building your playroom with good quality and even Montessori inspired for a very affordable price, then I truly recommend this subscription box. They choose toys according to your little one’s developmental stage and subscriptions only start at $36 a month.


When Manu had a bad case of eczema due to being dairy intolerant as a newborn we tried all types of creams. This one was the only one that works and I make sure I always have it at home. It works on adults too and I even tried it on Manu’s face. It is soft and IT WORKS!


Hospital graded and the only thing that I use. It has a high concentration of zinc which makes the rash go away in 2 days or less! It is pure magic! When your baby is in pain from a diaper rash, the last thing you want to do is touch it trying to put creams on and cause more pain. I have recommended it to everyone and I haven’t had one person tell me it is not a miracle worker. (It works on adults too).


When babies are crawling but are starting to walk as well, it is recommended that they do not use shoes or use shoes that have a really soft sole to allow for all the little muscles and fingers in their feet to work together as they master this new skill. I tried a few shoes and these were my favorite (and the only ones he would leave on). I have been recommending them to my friends and they have the same experience as I. They LOVE THEM!


Reusable swim diapers are the best when it comes to going swimming with a baby. We got to know these and test them. I can honestly say it holds EVERYTHING. I learned while on a cruise the past summer. It saved them the embarrassment that I would’ve had with a disposable one. Plus, they are good for the environment!