Sensory Activity for 9-month-old Baby to strengthen the Pinching Skill

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Encouraging fine and gross motor skills through play is something you can do at home. Here is an easy activity you can set up and do with your baby. The best thing is that is mess free, you can take it on the go, and they have a so much fun playing.

Make sure you give lots of praise when they achieve the goal as this will encourage them to keep on trying.

Watch this 2 minute video or read the instructions below.

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  • Place the large pom-poms into the each of the ice cube tray holes
  • Show your baby how to take out each of the pom-pom from the ice cube tray
  • Give him the ice cube tray and take your hand out placing your palm facing up and say “give me one pom-pom”
  • Allow your child to practice his pinching skills and celebrate his achievement

Sensory Activity Supplies

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Here is a 5 minute setup sensory activity that you can do with your 9 month old baby
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