Sensory Play: Music with Water

Music Appreciation: Let’s Make Water Sounds

Objective: Create own music sound and learn the concept fast and slow while creating rhythms.

Supplies for this activity:  Sensory Bin, wooden spoon, pots, and pans

How To Play

I’m not a music expert but research has shown that exposing your kids to music has a great effect on brain development. 

This week, we are going to have some fun making music. You are going to be your own orchestra for your Tabby this week.  Grab your sensory bin and fill it up with some water. Add some pots, and with wooden spoons, tap them. Each pot will make a different sound. 

For one-year-olds, just taping, splashing and experiment is the game. If you want to learn more about different sounds you can do with water play watch this video. You can make some of these sounds and show your tabby. Exposing your tabby to different tones, tempo, and rhythm.

Music is sound organized in time.  All sounds can be music, and with water play, we can explore:

  • rhythm
  • pattern
  • tempo
  • pitch
  • tone

These are the building blocks of all music, and water offers a unique playground for exploring them.

Other ways to play: 
Introduce the concept of fast and slow by tapping and making your own rhythms. Grab your pot and with your spoon, show you tabby how you tap, tap, tap. Tap it sloooowww, then tap it faaaaast. Before you know it, you both will be laughing!

Do you let your little learner play with water?

water is the easiest sensory play activity you can do. Grab your pots and have some fun!

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