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Be your own boss, create sensory classes in your local community with our proven system!  Work alongside your children as you share great sensory experiences for children under 3.



Maximize your play areas and transform your space into a place of independent learning

Are You Ready to launch Your Business?

Be your own boss, work alongside your children as you share great sensory experiences for children under 3. 

Become a Sensory Teacher

Launch your own sensory classes in your local community with our proven class format and system. I will teach you how to get sign ups.

How to make your business, what legalities your need to do and how to get them done as well as provide you with 1:1 coaching support.

Hi! I am Alexa, I am a sensory teacher and a certified learning through play coach. I will teach you how to grab sensory activities and create a successful local business that creates a community and engages parents to want to come back time and time again.

With over 6 teachers already certified and being successful around their community I know you can to too! All you need i a love for early education, our secret system and a love to get messy while having fun and encouraging moms to play and learn alongside with their babies.


Create Fun Sensory Recipe Activities

Sensory play is crucial for a child’s development. Launch a sensory class where parents and children under 3 years old can come an explore different textures through the senses.


Wondering how to promote your classes? where to get the parents to sign up? what to post on Instagram?

With over 13K followers, 600 local members in a Private Facebook group I will teach you how I did it and how you can too have a positive impact in your community.

your marketing plan includes a posting strategy, a Facebook strategy, brand colors, templates and copy to get you started promoting your business.

How to Get Started

I will walk you through my proven system to get started, launch, and is successful. With detailed videos and samples, you will feel confident to get started.

Circle Time

Get all the supplies, and songs needed to create a successful and engaging circle time.

Set up the business

Get the ins and out on hosting classes locally. The legal aspects, materials and tech needed to make a successful class.

Why choose this program over becoming a Zumbini instructor o Tinkergartner leader?
  • Our program allows you to have the flexibility to make it yours Ise our format for the class as a base or infuse your personality and creativity to make it yours. Unlike the other cookie-cutter programs who do not allow you to change or customize.
  • We do not take from your earnings monthly or charge you a membership monthly fee. You do an upfront commitment and that’s it! Every penny earned is yours. There are no minimum requirement of students or schedule requirements. We provide options to make your own schedule that works for you and your family.
  • We provide a complete marketing campaign to launch your business. Not just sample posts but a strategy to know what to post and when. How to launch your Instagram account and how to use Facebook to promote your classes.
  • We don’t just leave you hanging! We offer a 1:1 coaching call to answer your questions with Alexa – the owner and creator of the program. Need help with a specific issues you may be facing? Alexa will help you during your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

You can make a minimum of $150 per class taught if you choose a small class ratio to start. With our large student recommended student ratio you can earn $300 per class. And let’s be honest! No one is going to do just one class, they will probably register for at least weekly classes in a month so you can expect $600 to $1,200 a month just teaching one hour class once a week.

How much material is needed upfront?

To start the classes you need to invest in basic sensory materials to get you started. A few trays, mats and sensory fillers. My suggestion is you buy as you earn but you create your first set. Our students have started with $100-$700 initial material investment depending on their class vision and how they want to present it.


Are You Ready to launch Your Business?

This course is $699 but for a limited time we have a special discounted rate!