25+ sentimental grandparents day ideas

When is National Grandparent’s Day 2024? It’s Sunday, September 8th! Don’t let National Grandparent’s Day go by without celebrating the special grandmas and grandpas in your life.

Looking to celebrate grandparents day with some fun craft ideas? then check out these really creative ideas for kids.

Play on Words Sentimental Grandparents Day Ideas

Grandma’s Tweet Hearts

Love you Berry Much

Hand print Crafts

Hand print art is my favorite type of crafts to do with kids of all ages. It really captures how little they are and freezes that on time. Here are few hand print ideas that make the perfect grandparents day crafts.

Hand print frame

Grab a picture frame that has a large mat that can fit hand prints. Use a paintbrush to paint the palm of your child and have them count 1,2.3 on 3 stamp the frame. Wash hands and repeat with different colors. Let it dry, ad a photo and grandma and grandpa will be so happy!

Make a Family Tree

Helping Hands Mitten craft idea

Hand print aprons


Grandparents help us grow

The kissing Hand Poem

Little Hands Leave big impressions

Handprint hug Poem

Grandparents are like apples

Send a Hug in the mail

Send a kiss in the mail

DIY Grandparents gifts kids can make

Beaded napkin rings

DIY Clay trinket Bowls

last-minute grandparents day gifts

Painting on Canvas

DIY Pillow Case


Heart Shaped Photo Collage

Photo puzzles

FAmily Calendar

Photo Bookmarks

Walgreens has the best seasonal gifts and if grandma loves to read, these photo bookmarks makes the best sentimental grandparents day gift idea. Just upload at walgreens.com your favorite photo and pickup in a few hours at your local walgreens shop.

Photo albums book

chatbooks is one of the easiest ways to create meaningful and fun memory books. These are one of those gifts that they wont throw away in a few years. Just upload your favorite photos and chatbooks will do the rest. They are also affordable, making them the perfect gift for Grandparent’s Day.

Digital Photo album

Skylight is a photo frame you can send photos to, and they appear in seconds! Just email them and they appear in grandma’s photo frame.