Shapes Activity using Apple playdough mats

Use this apple activity to practice shapes this fall.

This week has been all about apples in our sensory classes and with our two year olds we have also been working to recognize shapes so I knew I had to create an apple shape activity.

of course because I am extra, I also had to pair our activity with apple scented Playdough.

materials Needed

I like to set up playdough activities using a tray to keep this in one place.

Defining the space for the activity creates an invitation to play while provide an designed area to use the materials.

This teaches your toddler that the playdough in one place and should stay there.

How to play

Before I shared the tray with the kids, we sang a song about shapes, reviewed different shapes and found shapes around us!

Creating shapes with our fingers

Now that they created shapes, pointed at shapes they were ready to play with shapes.

How to Use the Apple Playdough Mats

The kids were very good at creating snake-shapes with the dough.

Start by creating snakes, little snakes, long snakes. Use your hands to roll the snakes by rubbing the hands together or using the table to roll it.

This activity is a great because rolling the playdough also works on the small finger muscles that later on will give them the skills to hold pencils, write, tie their shoes and even button their shirts.

Because the kids in our class are just two years old they needed a little help creating some of the shapes, but since we are a Mommy and Me class it was a great binding activity for the mosm to do with their kids.

Download the Apple Playdough Mats

Download yout copy of the mats along with our apple-scented playdough recipe.

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