Workshop: Navigating Playtime, Routines & Sleep

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  • When: June 26, 2024
  • Where: zoom and live YouTube streaming
  • Time: 8PM EST  (Duration: 60 minutes)

Join me and my special guest, Sandra Ochoa, Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant from as we embark on a conversation about ways to adjust nap times and sleep when on vacation naps on the go and give you some summer play ideas to foster sleep!

Say goodbye to outdated sleep methods and extreme measures and instead, say hello better sleep.

Parent & Caregiver Workshops: Educating the Whole Child

We believe a holistic parenting approach goes beyond just the individual elements of childhood development, encompassing broader aspects like screen time management and creating nurturing family environments.

These workshops will provide a comprehensive toolkit to help parents balance the digital world and the physical one, fostering positive parent-child relationships and facilitating optimal growth and development.

Join us in this exciting journey of parenting education, where we will equip you with the knowledge and skills to educate the whole child and raise happy, healthy, and well-rounded individuals.

We understand the challenges parents face in navigating the complexities of modern parenting, which is why these workshops aim to provide practical insights and strategies that will not only help educate the whole child but also foster positive, enriching parent-child relationships.