45 songs about the color red for toddlers

Learn colors with this fun list of color songs for the color red. Pair it with your favorite sensory activity and go on a deep dive of learning the color red.

Grab your favorite play scarf and let’s get singing!

Spotify Playlist for songs about the color red

Here is a quick playlist for all the songs we love about the color red. Save it and play it often for different activities related to colors, shapes, numbers and daily objects you can use to help your toddler in his/ her learning process.

Spotify playlist for songs about the color red

descriptive songs about the color red about food

These types of songs are perfect to practice during meals. You can encourage your toddler to point out, memorize, and name out loud the food he/she is eating, especially if it is red. Every morning during breakfast you can play this song to study and check if your toddler can recognize colors in things.

Are you Ready for Red?

The Apple is Red

The red color song nursery rhyme

Love is red

red – KidloLand

spelling songs

If your toddler is in the stage of learning to pronounce correctly letters and small words, these songs are perfect for it. They will help you to practice in a fun way to spell and how to pronounce the name of colors. Also, you´ll find a special track for colors in Spanish below.

The Red Song

Red – Rock rhythm and rhyme

Red, rojo

Descriptive songs about different colors

Is not only about red. These songs are specially made to practice the recognition of daily objects in other colors, the primary colors to start (yellow, blue, and red). This song will help your toddler to see and identify the color of things he/she sees daily kike dresses, hats, flowers, cars, food all in one song.

Little Red Engine

Red – Pancake Manor

Jacob Wore a Red hat

Red Bus wait for me

Red flower song

If red tastes like strawberry

Something Red

Red red red – Kidzone

Red Banana

Bucket of bright red paint

songs about the color red daily objects

This playlist of songs about the color red is focused only on daily objects in Red. If you are teaching your kid only this color, I suggest you practice the recognition game with these songs. Also, you can add cards to play games as the song names things. It is a fun way to activate your toddler´s memory, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Red Balloon

Learn the color red

Red Color Song

Red – Rocknoceros

My Big Red Ball

Mary wore her red dress

Red – Fun teachers

Red ballooon

Red Things

the red river valley

Red is a rousing color!

red balloon

Songs about means of transport

These songs are specifically made to call means of transport. They are perfect to play games with toys you have at home like little cars, trains, or trucks. If your toddler is really into cars and those things, these songs are perfect! You can encourage him (or her) to see the different colors in each car o truck he/she sees in his playroom or the streets. You need to handle the games and the learning process outside the house (not only in his/her comfort zone). These songs will inspire you and give you ideas to play and have fun with your kid.

Vroom Goes The Red Race Car

Little red caboose

Little red tractor

songs about colors and shapes

These songs are perfect for lear two important things: colors and shapes. You can combine them with games with cards and things to learn the shape of things like fruits, flowers, toys, and daily stuff. Also, they are perfect to start the recognition process of sizes.

Red Heart song

Singing, dancing and colors

Having fun it´s a very important part of the learning process. We all know the benefits of music in the learning process of a human being. This is a playlist you can use to encourage your toddler, to move her/ his body, and HAVE FUN. Also, I find these activities perfect to bond with your kid, so, take a special time during the day to play with them and enjoy them!

Red – Vicki McCrone

If you are wearing red

Songs about flowers (to play in the garden)

If you have a garden at home, these songs are perfect for you. Take your toddler outside and start practicing colors, shapes, and sizes with them.

Red, red, rose

Songs about colors and number

I particularly enjoy this type of song because allows me to practice many things at the same time: colors, shapes, and numbers. Take your time and use these songs to reinforce the learning process of your toddler while you have fun.

Red red apples

Five red balloons

Little Red Wagon

The color red and counting

In this stage of their life, learning to identify colors helps your toddler to create a cognitive link between visual clues and words. As you know, there are many ways to improve your child´s development, music is one of the best ways to do that. While your toddler sings or listens to music, the brain develops the areas related to language and reasoning.
I hope you find this playlist useful. Don´t forget to share this article and also, share your experience in the comments.