27 speech Milestones every Parent Should Track

it seems almost as soon as your little bundle of joy is born, you inevitably begin to ask questions like: “When will my baby say his or her first words?” “How soon will my baby say mama?” and “Exactly when will my baby begin to talk?”

As a first-time mom, there are many baby milestones that you have to look forward to, and they all come during specific stages of development. So, while you excitedly and anxiously question when your baby will say his or her first word (let’s be honest. we are just really looking forward to knowing when baby will say MAMA!).

From the moment your baby is born, your baby has already begun its journey into the world of language and speaking development.

First, they will start with cooing, babbling, repeating consonants and eventually forming words. This whole journey is exciting! I have so many videos of my son going through these milestones and it only gets better as he learns more vocabulary.

Before there are words, there are sounds, and a great way to do it is to practice doing lots of sounds, like farm animal sounds, like “moo” or “neigh” to sound effects when you play with a car like “zoom” and “splash!”

Exaggerate your sounds, repeat them over and over and before you know it your little one will start mimicking you.

For games and activities to work on speech development and vocabulary check out the What To Teach Workbook – The farm Animal sound section especially works on this development!

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image Developmental Milestones to understand how and when babies learn to talk.