Spider 2D Shapes Printable

Practicing shapes is a a lot of fun when you use seasonal themes and things the kids are interested in. This week, has been all about learning shapes and as Halloween is around the corner, we are obsessed with spider activities.

The best thing is that this activity fits in a file folder so you can store it and take it out when needed.

Use this printable to practice shapes by matching shapes, and using playdough to create the shapes over the spider bellies.


  • Spider Shape Printable
  • Playdough

Use this file folder printable to practice matching shapes. Use the color matching spider sheet to match each shape.

Then, use playdough to mold and identify each shape using the playdough cards. Lastly, match big and small spiders to the right shape. This is the hardest one as there is not color guide to help your little learner match the shape.

This will be the real test to see which shapes he knows and which shape they still need to practice.

LasT Thoughts

Using printables is a great way to work on learning shapes. If you like this activity check out or collection of printables for learning just 15 minutes a day. Or get the learning binders for all in one learning activities.