Toy Decluttering Challege: Spring

Springtime is a time to declutter, and that also means our kid’s toys! Join the free 5-day toy decluttering challenge and let me walk you through each step to getting from an overwhelming play area to a clutter-free one.

Sounds interesting? read more about this challenge and how to participate!

Decluttering is just the first step into creating a play space where kids want to play, are easy to clean up, and encourage more play. Attend the masterclass and get my secret playroom system.  

  • Learn about the basics of play and why it is so crucial during the early years
  • Learn the different types of play stages and your role as parents during play
  • Learn how to do toy rotation
  • Learn what kind of toys to have
  • Learn about the different play areas to create in your space
  • Get the trick on how you can get your toddler to help you clean up