St. Patrick’s Day Rice Sensory Bin

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Looking for fun sensory recipes and ideas to do this month for your toddler? Create this colorful St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin using colored rice.

Why Use a Sensory bin For Learning

  • Sensory bins are hands-on learning tools for children to explore their world through the senses. They encourage exploration while incorporating a variety of senses: touch, sight, sounds, taste, and smell for children to learn and explore.
  • Sensory bins encourage language development: When playing with a sensory bin, it offers the opportunity to work on language development, it offers opportunities to discuss hidden objects.
  • Sensory bins work on fine motor skills: When children use their hands and fingers to explore the items in a bin, improve fine motor skills through scooping, grasping, stirring, and pouring with a variety of tools.

How To Make St Patricks Sensory Bin Using Colored Rice

The base of this St Patrick’s bin is using green colored rice. You can color this using food coloring or tempera paint. Then just add your favorite St. Patrick decorations – we found ours at the Dollar Store.

Add a cauldron or cups and spoons to encourage transferring skills between the rice and the elements.

How To Color Rice For Sensory Play

Other St Patrick’s Day Ideas To Try

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