learning booklet for St. Patricks Day

Looking for a learning booklet for St. Patrick’s Day to practice those preschool readiness skills? Use this thematic printable binder. All you need is a color printer, some fruit loops, and some gold St. Patrick coins to make this printable a hands-on learning experience.

This learning booklet for St. Patrick’s Day has all the skills and levels in one book! so no matter where your child is at in their development you can have something to set up an easy coffee break activity (you drink coffee – they play next to you)

learning booklet for St. Patrick’s Day

This specific learning booklet for St. Patrick’s Day can be added to a learning binder/busy book that you may already own.

Take a peek inside the learning booklet for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Idea to Learn Colors

Buy a small box of Fruit Loops cereal and use them to match the colors in the booklet. make it extra sensory and eat a few too! because learning should be a lot of fun!

learning booklet for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Idea

Want to practice fine motor along with color recognition? Then build the rainbow using your fruit loops and follow the line!

Tip! if your child already know how to match the color, take it a step higher by asking them to give you a specific color “can you guive me the “red” fruit loop?”

If they can do that, then take it to level 3 and have them say the color. This ine is the toughest level! but after they can master this you can say they have graduated from mastering color recognition.

St. Patrick’s Idea to recognize letters

For letters we came up with two different games.

Game 1: Peek a boo letter.

This activity all you need is a coin. Use to coin to place it over the letter A and say the sound or recognize what letter that is. Move the coin along each letter as you practice.

Game 2: Eat a letter

Add a fruit loop over each letter. As your child passes through each letter, say the letter name and the sound it makes. Got it right? they get to either place it in a bowl they can eat it later or eat it right away! This one was our favorite! we don’t get to eat fruit loops often so it was a real sweet treat and made learning more exiciting and an opportunity to bond and share. It was a very special moment for us.

St. Patricks Day Math Ideas

For the math portion of the book we also created two games.

Practice Counting

My first goal was to reinforce counting so we used the fruit loops to count how many we had. I made sure we only had a max of 10, but if your child has mastered counting one-on-one-correlation until a higher number, don’t be afraid to increase the number.

Number Recognition Activity

The second part was to introduce him to recognize the numbers. For that we used the additonal cards the book came with and use it to count and look for the correct matching number. Again, very hands on.

Make it fun! move around!

Want to add some movement? place those cards across the room, have then run to get a card and come back to place the number of fruit loops in the couldron. Repeat until all numbers are gone and you have a very tired child.

So, if all this sound like learning fun, just download, print and play!