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Be a confident parent when it comes to play & learn at home!

Teaching your child at home can seem overwhelming but I’m here to guide you through your play and learn journey.

I will provide you with the tools and resources needed to set up developmentally appropriate activities, teach your child and get them ready for PRE-K.

Hi! Welcome to Kid Activities with Alexa. This little space on the web is dedicated to help you bond, play and teach your little learner at home. It is dedicated for babies to toddlers up to 3 years old. 

Here on Kid Activities with Alexa, you’ll find over a lot of articles to help you become a play expert and get the resources you need to teach age appropriate activities at every stage from baby to toddler.  

Travel through the play journey below and create meaningful play setups that will support your little learner to become confident, independent and creative!

Hi, I’m Alexa, bilingual mother, stepmother, and promoter of learning through play. Through my blog I share play and learn ideas for moms like you to do at home.  With a passion for kids and teaching and to create a community of moms that support each other, I host monthly free meetups and playdates as well as teach sensory classes and workshops.

To help local moms, I also share local events happening in the area targeted for babies and toddlers under 3. 

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