The Best Pumpkin Sensory Activities for toddlers

Pumpkin season is here and we can’t get enough of pumpkin activities to do with our toddlers! If you need some inspiration, here are a few of our favorite activities we have done in our sensory class.

Our activities are organized from starting with baby-safe activities like our sensory bottles and get more advanced like our taste-safe activities great for 1-year-old babies still putting things in their mouth, and as you continue to scroll down you get more advanced toddler activities for 2 & 3-year-old toddlers.

Jack-0-lantern Sensory Bottle

Let’s create a pumpkin-themed bottle to celebrate fall! I love to make sensory bottles! They are so much fun for babies, toddlers, and even kids of all ages. They help with visual tracking in babies, calming strategies for toddlers, fine motor skills, creativity, and even making pretty decorations for the season.

Sensory Pumpkin for Texture Learning – Great babies

Celebrating fall with babies can be a lot of fun! you can make lots of crafts together or you can make toys they can use. Create a pumpkin craft for babies and let them explore different textures.

Glow in the Dark science Jack-o-lantern Craft for Halloween

This pumpkin sensory bottle is one of the easiest ones I have done. Sensory bottles are fun but are also educational and a great developmental activity.

Pumpkin Edible Patch (great for toddlers still putting things in their mouth)

Celebrating fall with toddlers and babies who still put things in their mouths can be a challenge. This week I came up with this edible-safe fall activity using just 2 ingredients to play with during our baby sensory class

Pumpkin Spice Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Edible-Safe Sensory Bin

The base of this sensory bin consists of creating oobleck. A mixture of 3 ingredients you have at probably already at home and when you mix them together, it creates the perfect ooey-gooey consistency.

Pumpkin Spice Playdough Recipe

Playdough is great for older kids to work on their creativity and independent play skills. Use this scented playdough recipe to work on creativity and fine motor skills which will help your toddler strengthen their little fingers to later hold pencils and facilitate writing!

Pumpkin Seed Counting Activity Mat

Practice some number recognition and one-to-one correspondence with this math activity! download the pumpkin seed mat!

Pumpkin Lesson Plan to practice the letter P

If you are looking for more guided activities to use with this fun pumpkin theme, download this lesson plan with over 16 activities to learn throughout this month!


If you want more resources to learn at home this month, here are some seasonal products to help you teach and have fun this month!