Koala Experience at the West Palm Beach Zoo (a must do when visit South Florida)

I was given complimentary tickets to the Palm Beach Zoo for the Koala Experience in exchange for sharing my experience with you.

Don’t feel like reading? Check out the video for a closer look at our trip! west palm beach zoo koala experience

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Are you looking for things the whole family will enjoy doing over the summer? Then I got just the right outdoor adventure for you at the Palm Beach Zoo in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Did I just used outdoor, summer and Florida in the same sentence? I did!  

You see, the Palm Beach Zoo is the perfect outdoor place to visit in the summer with the family.

The koala experience at the Palm Beach Zoo is a great outdoor activity for the whole family to do this summer.
west palm beach zoo koala experience

It has a lot of cooldown opportunities like the splash pad – actually named the interactive fountain – and the nature play area where the kids can cool off. You can also enjoy the shade that their trees give as you walk from exhibit to exhibit.

The interactive fountain offers a cool-down area for the kids [West Palm Beach Zoo Koala Experience]

Children can enjoy not just the animals but all the other amazing things The Palm Beach Zoo offers:  The Kid Zone which includes a Wildlife Carousel and the Safari Train. Since the zoo is located in Florida it can get hot, there is no better way for the kids to cool off than my playing in the interactive fountain

Mama to 5 Blessings
Palm Beach Zoo carousel is great as an outdoor summer activity for kids
The kid zone offers a variety of activities for the kids to do
Palm Beach Zoo kid area is great as an outdoor summer activity for kids
Palm Beach Zoo offers more than just animal exhibits

west palm beach zoo koala experience

After our first visit to the Palm Beach Zoo, we shared our experience on Instagram and we were then invited to participate in The Koala Experience which is one of their 8 animal experiences available at the Palm Beach Zoo.

The Koala Experience at the Palm Beach Zoo
The Koala Experience at the Palm Beach Zoo

This type of Koala Experience is only available at the Palm Beach Zoo and it was an experience we won’t soon forget.

The koala Experience is an opportunity to get up close to their two Koalas. Oz the male and Katherine, the Female.

Palm Beach Zoo earns bragging rights as the first place in the U.S. to offer the chance to get this close to Queensland koalas! Enjoy the smell of the eucalyptus, learn fun facts about Oz & Katherine, even take a selfie to share on social!

Palm Beach Zoo

This encounter is usually done outside, but due to some construction close to their location, they had them inside. We had to wear special shoe covers to ensure we minimize the germs and keep them safe.  

the koala experience at the palm beach zoo
The Palm Beach Zoo has two Koalas, Oz the male and Katherine the female

Koalas don’t like to be held; it actually causes them a great deal of stress so this experience although it was an up and close encounter we didn’t get to hold them. And we wouldn’t want to add any extra stress to them just for a selfie anyways!

The Koala Experience at the Palm Beach Zoo is a great learning experience for kids.

A group selfie at the Koala Experience

The zoo has a photographer who came inside the room with us and took the perfect selfie. We were able to bring our cameras in as well so we took a million photos as well.

When the encounter is over, we were handed a souvenir pin which was a nice keepsake of our trip. We also got a printed photo which we were able to pick up on our way out at the gift shop.

Don’t forget your souvenir!

We had a great time and we learned a lot about the Koalas. It was a great learning experience for the girls as well and an experience we are so thankful for having.

Check out our Youtube video for a closer look at our experience

Enhance your visit and feed the Lorikeet Birds

Want to enhance your experience even more? Then head out to the Lorikeet loft where you and the kids can get a cup of nectar and feed these colorful birds. The cup of nectar to feed the birds is $2 a cup or 3-cups for $5.

Get ready to have a wonderful experience because these little birds are not shy. They climb right onto your hand!

Kids of all ages are welcome at the Lorikeet Loft

Once again, this trip was another success for the family and we hope to go back soon over the summer. I mean, you can have a sloth experience, a flamingo experience and – next on my wish – list – the Aldabra Tortoise Experience.

Save on your Zoo visit with the Summer Safari Savings Pass

With the one-time purchase of the pass at the cost of regular Zoo admission, visitors get unlimited free day time visits from May 1 – September 30.

Palm beach zoo coupons

More information about it on the Palm Beach Zoo Website

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Have you tried the koala experience at the Palm Beach Zoo in florida?
it is a great kid activity for the summer
looking for outdoor ideas this summer? The koala experience at the Palm Beach Zoo is a great outdoor activity you won't want to miss.
palm beach zoo
Map of the Palm Beach Zoo

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  1. Great article, I didn’t even realize there was a Zoo in Palm Beach, this is great to know for our next vacation! Feeding the Lorikeet’s looks like a lot of fun too!!

  2. This looks like such a fun place. My kids would have loved the train when they were little. I just love the Koala bears. Such cute animals.

  3. The Koala is the cutest!!! So adorable. I’ve never been to the Zoo in Palm Beach, will def visit next time i am around. Thank you.

  4. This looks so much fun! Yo estaré visitando el Zoologico de San Diego este verano. El de Sacramento también me gusta bastante. ¡Me encantaría visitar este durante in próximo viaje a Florida!

  5. This look like a big zoo! I never have seen a real koala, I hope one day I will be able to see them with my own eyes. It’s one of my dreams to visit the zoo in other countries. But I live far from Austalia. But Australia is one of my travel bucket lists.

  6. School break is near and I think visiting this place is a perfect gift to give to my kids for finishing this school year with a high grades.

  7. Koalas are so cute. I would love to see one even if I’m already an adult. Seems like a very fun place.

  8. I have never seen a koala in my 25 years of life😂
    I will definitely make a point to see one before I am 30(sshh 60 )
    Looks like you had fun though.

  9. The Palm Beach Zoo looks like an amazing zoo to visit! None of our local zoos have koalas, but I would love to see them in person, looks like you had a great time!

  10. Oh it’s so cute. They even have a mini amusement park in here. The koalas are so cute. Kids will really enjoy being here.

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