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Understand why they don’t play with the activities you set up, or why they only spend 5 minutes playing it. Learn to support their play with play schemas.

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What is a mud kitchen? (and why do I need one)

A mud kitchen combines real-life utensils with a small, interactive, and fun outdoor kitchen environment to help improve and develop the sensory experience in children and toddlers. You can create your own mud kitchen for a relatively inexpensive cost, or alternatively purchase one without costing an arm and a leg. Mud kitchens promote sensory and

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How to start homeschooling a toddler

Homeschooling a toddler can be challenging but fun. Here are the steps to create a homeschool plan that works for you. Click in each link to take you to each article where we discuss in detail each step. Homeschool toddler series include: Setting up a learning environment Creating a homeschool schedule Understanding what to teach

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Genius ideas and Activities to Learn Shapes

Learning shapes is a skill that can be taught starting at two years old.  Before my son hit this milestone, I gathered a few ideas on Pinterest and now that he is two we are ready to try them!  I found the coolest activities to learn shapes and now you can try them too. I

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Construction themed sensory bin

Edible Mud Recipe

Use this easy to make mud recipe to set up an edible-safe activity at home. If your little one still puts everything in their mouth then this is a great recipe to try!  Activities to use edible Mud Edible mud is a great sensory bin filler for aso many different be themes. Pigs in Mud 

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