Homemade Textured Paint { sensory play to reduce raising picky eaters)

Objective: Using the senses to problem solve, experiment and learn through the senses.

Supplies for this activity:  Sensory bin, two paint colors, sugar or sprinkles, mixed media paper. 

How To Play

It’s time to get messy with an art activity. Sensory play is very important through the early years, so today we will work on the sense of touch and add some critical thinking as well by adding texture. 

Grab your purchased finger paint or make your own edible paint and let the fun begin! We will be doing mixing color art

Use your sensory bin to reduce the space in which the mess will occur. You may add the shower curtain under the bin to protect floors and surrounding areas.

I suggest you do this outside for easy cleanup and have fewer accidents. 

Place the mixed media paper inside the sensory bin and add a good amount of paint to it.

Once color on one side, and the other color next to it.

Add some sugar or sprinkles to the paint. Then, invite your tabby to play and allow him/her to explore. 

The idea is to let your Tabby explore the different textures as he/she paints.

The colors will be getting mixed and new colors will be created.wow!

Critical thinking comes to play when you mix the colors and when they explore how the sugar feels on their hands. How did you make green? Oh! By mixing the yellow and blue paints. Talk about the colors, the senses, and the new colors that get created (green)

If you use the edible yogurt paint, in combination with the sugar it will be an edible safe activity. 

Are you ready to embrace paint?

Head outside to make this sensory play an easy cleanup. Take the camera because this is a great opportunity for some fun photos!