Stacking Game to work on fine motor skills

Language Development: Stacking

Objective: Work on fine motor skills and cause and effect

Supplies for this activity:  Lego Duplos or blocks

How To Play

  • Stacking blocks and knocking them down seems like an easy task to do. For a one-year-old, it is not as easy. Start by stacking 3 blocks or legos and have him/her knock it down. Then allow your toddler to try to stack them on their own. How many can they stack?
  • With Lego Duplos the concept of stacking is easier as they have more stability when placing one on top of each other. The blocks make it more challenging therefore if your child is closer to age 2 and already staking more than 4-5 Duplos or blocks you can move onto the wooden blocks.

Read more: How Legos Help Develop Your Toddler’s Brain — this is why I added them to the supply list! 

Depending on your one-year-old, you can also use stacking cups to play this game – but it is a little more challenging than the Duplos

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