Tot School: Apples

Plan a trip to an orchard, farmer’s market, or local store to purchase different varieties of apples.


Remember that learning happens on a daily basis doing small simple activities like this each day. You can pick one activity a day (like I used to do) and find play and learn opportunities.

Areas of Development for this week:

Activities for This Week

Objective: Get familiar l with art materials to explore and encourage creativity

Supplies for this activity: Card stock, Red, Green and Yellow Paint, Apples, Apple cookie cutter

Cut apples in half to use as stamps. Dip apples into paint and stamp into cardboard paper to create an apple tree. When dried, repeat the same process with the cookie cutter. 

Cutout and glue a tree trunk using a brown  construction paper.

Learn the best way to cut out an apple for apple stamping >>

Objective: Learn new vocabulary through observation and hands on learning

Supplies for this activity: Apple, apple scented play dough, sticks, leaves, black beans

Cut an apple in half. Explore the different parts that make up an apple.

Use apple scented playdough to create an invitation to play and create an apple with all of its parts.

In a tray place leaves, sticks, black beans (to represent the apple) and some apple scented playdough.

Learn more how to make apple scented playdough >>

Objective: Color recognition using a sensory bin

Supplies for this activity: Red, green and yellow color pom-poms  and matching silicone color cups.

Using red, green and yellow pom-poms have your toddler sort each one into the assigned color cup.

Watch: Quick video of us practicing this activity >>


Objective: Science exploration. Learn about light sources and colors.

Supplies: Card stock in red, green or yellow, apple template (optional), Sticky paper, red, green or yellow cellophane paper

apple suncatcher craftCut out an apple out of construction paper and cut out the center. 

Add sticky paper to the center of the apple and stick pieces of cellophane paper.

Put against the sun to to reflect the colors

Get the free apple printable and watch the tutorial >>

Objective: Explore the sense of taste

Materials: Different apple types, apple sauce, apple pie

Set up a taste tray by placing different apple types, apple sauce, and a slice of apple pie. Talk about the flavor of each one. Read the apple poem and work with your child to describe and choose what was their favorite apple.

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