One Year Old Lesson Plan | Week 4

Last week we had some fun with playdough and some water activities. This week, we will have some arts and crafts and easy low prep activities. Keep these activities handy because they are great entertainment for those days that your tabby needs something to do.

Areas of development for this week:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Colors
  • Art & Craft
  • Language development 
  • Pre-K readiness

Lesson Plan Week 4

Activity 1: Feed the monster

  • Objective: Use a hands-on learning activity to learn colors

Supplies for this activity: Empty a container with a soft lid like the oatmeal tub, color popsicle sticks (red, yellow, blue, green)

How to Play: 

Collect a container with soft lid, it can be a box of oatmeal, yogurt or like me a box of Gerber puffs. The idea of the game is to place the popsicle sticks inside the container. 

Invite your tabby to play by handing him/her out each stick and “feed the monster” 

Name the color of each popsicle as you hand them to your child to feed the monster. 

Some tabby’s like this game so much they will be feeding the monster dinner… but hey! If it makes them eat more veggies I’m all for it! 

To find more variations to this game check out indoor activities for toddlers

Activity 2: Art is in the process

Supplies for this activity: Fat crayons

How to Play

Every morning, I like to start the day playing with art supplies. At age one, it is not about the end product but is more about the process of creating something that a few minutes was not there.  Grab some fat crayons and a large paper and let loose. I use the big roll of paper and roll it onto a big area on the floor for a different experience than sitting at a table with some art supplies. There is something about creating in big pieces of paper that is way too much fun! (Mama try it, even for you is a form of meditation… I take this from my precious mixed media painting times) .. So join in the fun. 

Can your little one mimic what you draw? Those who are closer to two will have an easier time mimicking what you draw. Do simple designs like a line, a circle a wavy line and invite your tabby try it. If they don’t want, it’s ok. This process is providing the supplies and environment for an invitation to play and be creative. 

Check out my art supplies recommendations you should always keep at home

Activity 3: This was our day

Supplies for this activity:  just you

How to Play: 

For our language development activity, we are going to narrate what we did during the day. Tabbies love to hear about their day. Narrating this story is a foundation to storytime later on. They will start learning about narration, tones of voice as the story progresses. Ask a lot of questions, and allow them to answer. Engage in a conversation and encourage your tabby to talk, answer questions and repeat words.

This week was simple, not a lot of prep happening and three great activities to try. 

Tip: Always carry a crayon on your diaper bag, it will entertain your baby when you need it most and it doesn’t take much space. 

Pre-K readiness: Introduction to learning ABC sounds with Matching

For 3 minutes a day, play a matching game with this free download.

Print it and cut the pieces to make the matching game. You can laminate to have this game last longer. 

Place the cut cards on the side and the full paper place it in front of your tabby. Work one by one to find the matching object with each letter.  In the beginning, you will need to do the matching as your tabby watches and helps out. Repeat the sound of each letter as you are trying to find it’s matching object.

Tip: If you sing it makes it easier to remember. A is for apple, A A Apple (This is the song I sing along with

Eventually, after repeating for a few days he/she will catch on and start recognizing the objects with the letter sounds and slowly start recognizing the letters that each letter makes.  

Have fun this week! And let me know how you did. 

Plan your week with the Free Activity Planner

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