One Year Old Lesson Plan | Week 5

We are past the mid-mark of the program. By now, you should have a few favorite activities you can repeat over and over for some extra fun during the day. You might have even created your own variation of the games. 

Areas of development for this week:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Pre-K readiness: Colors


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  • Objective: Develop Gross Motor Skills
  • Supplies for this activity: Three balloons and a string or yarn

How to Play: 

By now you have probably noticed that chasing games are a favorite for this age group. This week, I encourage you to play this game at a safe place like your house or at  your local park. It is important to teach our little one when is safe to play a chasing games and when is not – like the grocery parking lot. 

Grab a string (or yarn) and tie three inflated balloons at different locations of the string. Show your little one how you grab the string from one end and run, and the balloons are “chasing” you. Let them try it and enjoy this chasing game. You can add in the fun by chasing your toddler too.

Pre-K readiness – Intro to Sorting

  • Objective: Understanding the concept of sorting through a hands-on activity
  • Supplies for this activity:  Legos Duplo or items of the same color, two baskets, and your sensory bin 

How to Play: 

Toddlers are at a great age to start learning about sorting. 

Grab two plastic containers and your large sensory bin container.  If you do not have color Duplos, you can use any other items that are the same color and shape for each, you can use balls, or cars, or even color papers.  

Show your toddler what you have in each basket and then dump everything in the middle.

Start sorting and ask your toddler to help you. Keep sorting and he will soon join.

Depending on your toddler’s age, he will be more or less interested in participating. If he is not willing to participate yet, keep exposing him to this learning activity.

You can do this with not just legos, but with anything that’s the same type, like fruits, bowls, etc…

Introduction to learning colors: pom-poms in a bottle

  • Objective: Practice the color green through hands-on fine motor skills activity
  • Supplies: Water bottle or empty milk container

How to Play: 

Grab an empty water bottle or an empty milk carton and cut a hole at the front bottom of it.

Add some duct tape around to protect the exposed edges and provide a safe toy.

Grab some colored pom-poms and choose one color to play with. Show your toddler how each time you place a pom-pom you say the color of the pom-pom. “red” and drop the pom-pom

Repeat several times and encourage your toddler to mimic you by repeating both your action and the word.

You can color some raw pasta the same color using paint or food coloring and play the same game with a different supply. For them, it’s like having a whole new game!

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