One Year Old Lesson Plan | Week 6

I hope you have been enjoying all of these lessons. The good thing about experimenting with different activities is that your child’s personality will start coming through and you will start to notice what type of activities they like the most, which calms them down, and which push their comfort zone.

Here are three activities that are quick to set up and a lot of fun to play with.

Areas of Development for this week:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Language Development 
  • Critical Thinking
  • Pre-K readiness



  • Objective:  Develop Fine Motor Skills and transferring skills using larger objects
  • Supplies for this activity: laundry, basket, dryer

How To Play

That’s right! We are going to do some laundry.  This week, invite your toddler to help you get the laundry in or out of the dryer and into the basket.

You will be surprised how good they are at it and how much fun it is to have a helper. When you are done, to add some fun, place your toddler in the basket and push them like they are on a roller coaster.

They will love it!

Then proceed to fold your laundry. Sorry, I don’t have any fun ideas to make that easier… I hate laundry too. But at least we made it a little better today, right?! 
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Washing Toys

  • Objective: Develop fine motor skills with a hands-on activity 
  • Supplies for this activity: soap, shallow container, sponge or brush, cars or other toys. You can head over to the sink too if you don’t want to do it on a container.

How To Play:

This sensory play helps with eye-hand coordination and motor skills. I call it the car-wash! Place two containers side by side. In one container add water and soap, on the other, place the cars. Show your toddler how to wash the cars using water/soap and a brush. He/she will have a great time. If your toddler is not into cars, you can do dolls, or even animals.

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Color Puzzle

  • Objective: Develop fine motor skills with a hands-on activity and learn colors 
  • Supplies for this activity: Color puzzle, shallow container, uncooked rice

How To Play:

You can play the traditional way puzzles are meant to be played with and reinforce the name of each color as you play with the pieces or you can create a sensory bin and play a discovery game.

To play a discovery game place a large quantity of uncooked rice onto your shallow container. Place the color puzzle pieces inside the pool of rice to be slightly covered by the rice.

Move the rice around and say “do you see the RED piece?” and start moving the rice around as you uncover slowly the red piece. When you uncover it all, take it out and celebrate!

repeat with each color. Your toddler will get so excited he will join the celebration and will even try to do the uncovering him/herself. Celebrate as each new color gets discovered.

Note: Your toddler might want to explore with the texture of the rice, so play this outside or make sure you have a covered area to catch and rice that gets dropped outside of the container. My son wanted to play a transfer game after our discovery game and I’m so glad we were outside!

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