Best toys for an 18 months old toddler’s playroom

18 months is a huge milestone and there is definitely a lot of more skills your little one has. They no longer (most) put things in their mouths. They are more active, more curious and you can start in teaching them a lot of pre-k readiness skills.  Here are a few toys to support those milestones.

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Educational toys for 18 months old up to 24 months old

1. Pull & Sing Puppy – This is the perfect age to introduce pull toys. As pretend play gets stronger they will definitely engage in play such as pretend to walk the dog. This one is fun because it is sturdy so that it reduces the frustration of the dog flipping over as we have seen with other pull toys and it has a few songs to engage with the toy even more.

2. Car garage – At this age, they love to place cars inside a garage or small compartments. If you have a girl a dollhouse where they can play to put the doll in different areas of the house. Providing them with these types of toys where they can hide, and take out, arrange and rearrange offers a lot of creative play.

3. Little Tykes CarSome people get this car even before the 18th-month mark – myself included – but I have seen that he really enjoys playing with it more now. He pushes the car, places items in the trunk, pretends he is driving and can maneuver getting in and out of the car easily.

4. Magnetic Worms – This has been my favorite latest purchase! It works on those pre-writing skills, eye-hand coordination, and overall fine motor skills. This is one of our favorites after breakfast games to play at this time.

5. Sorting birds  –  This is one toy that you will use for the next few years. There are bears or birds available and they come in different colors and sizes. This helps to teach those pre-k readiness skills such as sorting, counting, and color matching. As your toddler grows the skills and activities increase and you can still use these birds.

6. 100 words interactive book  –  This book is great for an increase in vocabulary. It is a toy (in my opinion) meant to be used in companionship with a parent for better success. It has multiple pages and your toddler can point and press each object to hear its name. Multiple repetitions of the same word will allow him/her to learn and practice repeating new words.

7. Lego Duplos – Love them or hate them. I am team love! These toys are great for boosting brain development and creativity. That was the original idea when they were created and is a creative tool. Just stick to the ones that are open-ended and not the ones that you can only build one thing.

8. Little Tykes slide – I live little tykes brand! There are so many toys to develop gross motor skills and they are very well made. This slide is great for climbing (and you know at this age they want to climb the world!) but you can also choose their basketball hoop or baseball t-set.

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